Saturday, January 28, 2012

30 weeks!!!

There's just something about 30 weeks that makes me so happy! I know I still have 10 weeks left, but c'mon, I'm getting close. Nothing new to report from last post--I'll see the doctor in a week and give a full report. :) Just getting bigger!

In other news, we moved Boston into a full size bed...yes he does look so little in it. Jeff wanted to make the switch a while ago but he was just so good in a crib {aka never tried to climb out} that I was reluctant. BUT I decided yesterday was the day. It made me kinda sad too!! He did sooo good sleeping in that bed. Same bedtime routine...went right down and slept just fine. Even this morning we heard him playing so Jeff goes in there and he's sitting in his bed playing with his stuffed animals. He's a good boy!!! I'm nervous about naps tho...those may be harder.

Oh and my Singer sewing machine broke that I got for I took it back and got a Brother and am totally in love with it. I've been keeping busy with pillows and trying new things. I'm so surprised with myself because I thought I could never sew. Pinterest is my newest bff because it's given me all sorts of ideas.

Boston insisted on helping...I even walked in the room and he pointed and me and said 'no mom no!' Meaning...get out...boys only.

I snuck in his room last night to document the first night not in his crib. I tried getting the whole bed to show how little he looked but I didn't want to wake him up!

30 weeks!!!!

All the cute extra fabric I've been making headbands...again...never thought I could do these! Sewing and such just was never my thing!!!!

K this is funny...on the off days of me working out I stay at home and do light weights and legs...I was doing lunges and Boston tried copying me and he just falls down and gets back up...totally didn't understand the concept but it was seriously so cute.

We have a fun and exciting week ahead and I'm totally looking forward to it! More on that later...:)

Thursday, January 19, 2012


And when I say snow...I mean like a lot...8-10 inches just today...probably 4-5 yesterday!! We haven't gotten any snow yet this winter {okay maybe like 1/2 inch here and there but NOTHING like today}. I was sooo hoping for snow. I really do love it during winter. It's when it snows March/April that it bugs me. SO I thought I would be a good wife and surprise Jeff and show him I can shovel the driveway. He never has asked me to do it, but I thought it would be fun for Boston to play too. Sooo, I snapped some pics. 

{I took this one today with my phone, thought it was cute, too}

His favorite new saying is 'I do it' which you know, can be hard at times because it takes about 10x longer. He kept asking me if he could shovel, so I let him. When he wouldn't give the shovel back I gave him a broom. Which kind of backfired on me because he then would sweep the snow on the areas where I's okay tho. He got the hang of it today and no longer did that. Oh and of course he loves to know that he's helping. So today I gave him the scraper for the car to play with...he thought it was just the coolest thing because it looked like a little shovel. {?} So he would pick snow up with the scraper and put it on my shovel. He is just the cutest.

I will say this...the snow you see in these pictures are not what it looks like today. It's like triple. So my legs are sore today from shoveling twice 5 inches both times. Good work out tho. :) And we all know I need a good workout. 

In baby related news--I had a doc appointment today and everything is going great. I'm 29 weeks and feeling huge as ever. Jeff keeps complimenting me tho and says I look great {he has to say that, right??}. I think I'm doing great on the whole weight gaining...I'm not even half what I gained with Boston, so that's great because I'm way over half way with this baby. 

She seriously moves so much. I don't remember Boston moving this much, I'm so serious. She is always on the go. Today my doc found her heartbeat, then lost it, then found it, then lost it! He said she was moving like crazy. I'm still taking my thyroid medication...and I don't have gestational diabetes! I was really worried because this pregnancy has thrown my health through a loop so I just 'knew' I was diabetic. I'm also down to every two weeks now--I swear it feels like a milestone because it goes by so much faster than monthly appointments. Anyway, I took this pic at 27 weeks...I'll take another at 30, so this will do for now!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I know have talked about my best friend {Lacie} before but now it's time to get serious. Her and her husband, Jeff, have been trying to have children for over 2 years now...and nothing is happening. So...they are adopting!! They have been so strong through this experience. I don't know how they do it, I'm so serious. Jeff will be a wonderful dad, but Lacie is soooo ready to be a mom. She truly is Boston's second mom. She is so good to him and the sweetest person.

The whole experience of trying to have children hasn't been easy for them, but they are at peace with adopting. Oh I'm so excited for them! So Lacie and Jeff have started a blog to share their journey through all this, and the more people that know--the better!!! So, please check out their blog I've been hassling her to start a blog forever but she always said she doesn't have anything to blog about, but now she does! Any and all the support will help, so pass her blog on if you know anything!!!! 

She's been there day 1 of Boston's life

I just love Lac, she's such a good person. I know she'll make the best mom and like I said, she's so ready for it. Send good thoughts her way!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Goodbye

Ok, so it may not have been the happiest goodbye, but it's for a good reason, so I guess we better be happy about it. :)

Jeff's parents came over the weekend to visit {ok, maybe to play with Boston} and it sure was nice. They hadn't been to Washington since they helped us move so this time everything was in place! 

We were excited for their visit but dreading the goodbye. Nonetheless, we had such a great time. Boston wanted all their attention, too!!!! He wanted them to sit by him, lay a certain way, not wear their coats etc. It was quite funny actually. Nola was wearing her vest that went with her outfit and Boston must have thought it was a coat so he wanted her to take if off. Oh man.

They brought Boston the CUTEST Byu outfit, as well as Nola's famous newborn blanket for the baby. I was thrilled! She also brought a picture of themselves so Boston wouldn't forget them, I'm sure that won't happen with all the face-timing we'll be doing. :) Lyle made Boston a car ramp because he LOVES playing with Grandpa's at their house. Nola also taught me how to set up my new sewing machine. Thank goodness for that because it would've been in the box for a looong time! We made some pillows, and I just finished making some burp clothes!! LOVE them. 

We also showed them around Jeff's school/work. I know they appreciated seeing that since they won't be there for Jeff's graduation! Then we drove them to the airport...and that was soo sad. They will be great missionaries in Samoa. Did I mention they'll be gone for 23 months????? Such a long time. 

I made this green one ALL by myself. I look so tired because I was...and it was 11 o'clock. I even put zippers in them...totally know what I'm doing {ok, so not really!}.

I am in love with this fabric for the burp clothes. Too bad it's not really my color scheme I'm thinking for her room, but I can't live without this...:)

I also forgot to mention that we put Lyle to work with putting up our mirror...Lyle can't go a a day without a project!!

Anyway, we sure love Lyle and Nola and going to miss them sooo much. It's crazy to think that Boston will be 4 years old and new babe will be 2 the next time we see them. That's the saddest part! Samoa is lucky to have those two...

Jump & Bounce

I am SO happy that my friend Lindsey told me about Jump & Bounce. I don't know what I would do for fun with Boston if I didn't know about it! It worked out perfectly too because Boston and Lucy are bff's. I bought a 12 time pass and it's almost all used up. Anyway--I couldn't believe I hadn't taken ANY pictures of this place so I did last week...thanks goodness! 

Lately, he's been tackling...thanks Jeff for teaching him that. :)

He is so fun to watch at this place. We sure do love it!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh man...

For those of you that know Jeff, you know that he can be...'spacey' at times. 

He's such a great husband and father, and it just cracks me up when he does things like this.

A couple days before Christmas I asked Jeff to put Boston's sheets and blankets in the he does. 

An hour or so later I ask him to switch them over so they're dry when we get he does.

I go to put everything back on his bed and notice that Boston's sheet still has milks stains on it...I thought that was a little odd. 

Then, I notice his blankets are soo...soapy. I tell Jeff that it seemed that these didn't even get washed!! Let's just say I was little annoyed at this point! I thought our washer may have been broken...but that was definitely not the case.

I put them back in the washer and switch them to the dryer and everything worked perfectly. This is when Jeff comes to me and says...'ya I don't think I pushed start on the washer...' 

What the heck?? Ha ha all I could do was laugh. He didn't even notice the stuff wasn't wet when switching them over...and never mind the fact that soap was seriously everywhere. 

He's just so sweet and it's kinda cute that he did this.