Monday, January 13, 2014


We've had such a blast this last month, one to remember that's for sure. I am so depressed when Christmas is over!! I seriously get the's a real thing I swear. Anyway, this Christmas was so much fun since Boston really understands Santa and the birth of our Savior. We had fun teaching about the Christmas story as well as getting him so excited for Santa. I'm so happy I decided to get Elf on the Shelf, it's so fun as a parent to hide him every night and get so excited for them to find it! I think Boston was depressed when Whitaker went back to the North Pole. :)

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner with my aunt and cousins. It was actually really fun getting the table set and making the dinner, it really wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be. BUT what would be the Holidays without some drama right??? So, I was cutting the potatoes and the kids were on the couch watching Curious George when I heard Boston say, "Mom?? I stuck a red thing up my nose..." Serious!!! They were snacking on some candy pearls that decorate the top of cakes and such, but they were like a sixlet size...aka the perfect fit for a nose...:) So I brought him over to the garbage to help him blow it out, but nope, it was up there good. I called around and talked to some nurses to see if I needed to take him to Urgent care, and sure enough I did! It can be dangerous if he get's lodged in the wrong place. So we spent many hours at the doctor trying to find it, but it eventually dissolved, so we were told to watch him closely for weird smells because that would mean a sinus infection. 

After dinner, Jeff and I had fun playing Santa setting out cookies, bringing presents down, putting together toys etc. I loved it so much. We were busy packing also because after presents in the morning, we were headed off to Utah to see Jeff's parents after two LONG years! Anyway, the kids woke up and we all rushed down stairs to see what Santa brought. The kids were both spoiled with many great gifts. 

We then hurried off the airport! It was quite the sight with Reese straddling my carry on being pulled around the airport...she thought that was fun but it was kinda hard to manage. It was so awesome seeing Jeff's parents. They served a two year mission in Samoa and we could not wait to see them. I love spending time in Midway. Reese ran up to Nola and gave her hug, which totally surprised me because Reese isn't the friendliest little girl!! We had a blast going sledding a few times and playing in the snow. AND Jeff and I celebrated 5 years! I loved going back to temple square and reminiscing--even though Reese cried the whole time.  

It was a wonderful Christmas. BUT I will say that ever since we've been home from Utah, we have been battling the flu and bad colds. I totally went to bed at 9:30 New Years Eve...Oh how my priorities have changed! 

And what would be January without the kick-off of Bachelor!! JUAN-uary is my favorite month for Tv series!!