Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 Months

It so crazy that my little baby is 5 months old! I really can't believe it. 

Here are some fun facts (that only Jeff & I care about) about our Reese...
  • She is so big...17.5 lbs and 26.5 inches long (both 90th percentile)
  • She is obsessed with her hands. She loves sucking on her pointer and middle finger...sometimes she tries her fist but it just doesn't fit in her tiny mouth. 
  • She for sure is teething, but isn't showing any white little buds. She is crabby at random times and is a slobbery mess aka teething. Any day they should pop right through! (Boston had two little teeth at 5-6 months)
  • She is wearing 6 months clothing, but I know I may have to introduce 9 months within the next couple weeks.
  • She loves me...ha ha I know that sounds weird but she does. When I'm not in a room she can sit her bumbo for a long time but as soon as she sees or hears me, she whines for me. Same when Jeff is holding her or feeding her. He tells me to stop talking so she will stop looking for me.
  • She has the best stare...I think she looks so cute when she stares without any expression.
  • She is such a fabulous sleeper. We put both kids down at 8pm, and she wakes up about 7-7:30am and Boston is right there also. 
  • Loves loves Boston. I know everyone says that about siblings but Boston can sit and play and irritate her but she doesn't care. She just grins the whole time.
  • Not giggling or laughing yet, but I'm trying...
  • Jeff isn't around a ton because of work, but right when he walks through that door she tries to find him like you wouldn't believe. I'm excited to see her play with him when she's older.
  • Rolls from back to tummy and vice versa (she has only rolled from back to tummy a couple of times tho.)
  • Scoots on her back. It's so cute. She arches her back and pushes. She normally doesn't go backward in a straight line, but normally in circles ha ha! 
  • Has the best/cutest high pitch 'talking' voice. I love it, I can tell she does too because she does it all the time. 
That's all I can think of right now, but man-o-man do I love my Reese!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

the last trip I'll ever take

Ok, that probably isn't true but I certainly feel that way!!! Let's look back on this summer and how many times I was gone. We moved end of May, I came back to Spokane 3 weeks later, then 3 weeks after that. Then 4 days after we returned home from Spokane we went to Utah for 11 days. Then 4 days after we came home I went back to Spokane for our family trip - Jeff went to Chicago. The day after we got to Spokane we drove 2 hours north to Colville to camp for the week. THEN I came home after 11 days to no husband (he was in Dallas for work). SO to put it simply, I'm never traveling again!!!

The kids were actually great, it's just they aren't really vacations for me because I'm just taking care of my sweet children just in a different place!! I loved every trip and time I spent with my family, they are just hard on this momma. 

Anyway, back to this post - BEAV!!

I love Beaver Lodge. It's such a pretty place and it's fun that I am now taking my children there. Family, sun, swimming, FOOD....ya nothing can beat it. 

Cute cute Juliette

He was fearless by the end of the week

Uncle 'Hayo'

Beav was so fun this year! It was different because I had a little baby again, but next year Reese will love it. I love sitting by the campfire at nights and just talking to my family. Boston was knocked out every night because of how hard he played. 

While we were gone at Beav, Jeff was off training in Chicago! He's now in full swing with his job. He seems to really like it. He's already been on a project to Dallas. It's so fun for us that we are now 'real people' and have a real job. We always talked about the time when we would have a real job. 

In other news, my sweet girl had her 4 months check up. Oh man is she chubby!! Although we aren't allowed to call her chubby because it's a 'naughty' word in our house. Boston is sure quick to correct us. He says 'MOM! that's a naughty word' It's pretty cute. I'm glad I have a little boy looking out for me. Anyway, Reese is big. She's 17.5 lbs and 26.5 inches long. Both 90th percentile. I'm glad she's chubby and healthy. She's teething too, but no teeth yet. I'm waiting on one to pop through any day. She's rolling a lot.... and she's grabbing at everything now, which is also fun. She sure loves Boston. Every time he's around and talking, she tries to find him and once she does her eyes are locked on him. I love them.

One last thing! Boston is almost potty trained! He has been doing so great. We tried a couple months ago and it was bust, but lately he's been telling up he has to go potty when we take his diaper off. So I decided that when I get home from all the trips, it was time. Only a few accidents, and has been staying dry during nap time/nighttime. We are so proud of him! We've been doing 'potty charts,' aiming at the cheerios, and skittles jar which all seem to help. I'll leave you with this photo...

Friday, August 3, 2012

...and again

Phew! We just got back from our 11 day trip to Utah. It was tiring, but so worth it. We made multiple stops because let's face it, 14 hours in the car is way too long. The kids were actually fabulous. At about hour 7 in the car they about had it. Those little ones were troopers. I think I was more sick of the car then they were.

First stop was Boise! We visited Brian and Alissa and their family. It had been too long! We saw them last in Hawaii but not the kids. They are getting so big! We felt terrible because just hours before we showed up, Alissa and the kids just got back from their long trip too! If we had known that we wouldn't have stayed there. Sorry again Alissa...

Yes these are all from my phone. I completely failed at taking ONE picture with my camera! My phone is just always on hand. 

Next stop was Logan! We visited some of our best friends, Skyler and Ash. I didn't get ANY pictures with them! Can't believe it. It was a party! We stayed up way too late both nights just talking, watched the finale of Bachelorette....the boys golfed....we BBQ'ed, etc. When Jeff and Skyler are together they are so funny. I love when they bring up the past--they were trouble to say the least. They have the cutest house, too!! 

We packed back up and headed to Salt Lake. We normally would stay at Jeff's parents house but they are on their mission in Samoa, so we stayed at my best friends house. I love hanging with Lacie; I never laugh so hard in my life. She loves the kids, too. I think she was more excited to see Boston than me. Oh well, I understand, he's pretty cute. 

We didn't really have to get back for anything so we kind of 'played it by ear.' We kept pushing the day back but decided on Tuesday so we can have at least a couple days to relax before we leave AGAIN! Me and the kids leave Sunday/Monday for my family reunion on the lake...and Jeff heads to Chicago for training! We are thrilled that he's finally starting. We have been so anxious. Oh man, another week of vacation isn't really what I want to do, but I'm really excited to see my extended family. We've been traveling so much that I would like to enjoy Seattle. Anyway, I know I didn't explain the pictures but I'm sure you get the idea. 

And I'll leave you with this picture of my cute gal!