Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grad Fair

I'm sure most of you know that we were in Utah last week--mostly due to my instagram-ing {yes, I got an iphone} and more updates. I'm slightly obsessed with it, so I'm sure the lots of facebook-ing will dwindle soon. Anyways, Jeff was able to attend a grad fair at Byu promoting his Wsu program. They flew him down PLUS Boston isn't two yet, aka he still flies free so we only had to pay for me...that made sense for us to all go! I went early to spend time with Lacie {Cici as Boston calls her} and Jeff came two days after. 

We had such a great time together. We had a craft day with Kallie, which didn't turn out that great because I really wasn't into making hair bows for little girl. That could be a problem because my little one needs to look cute. We went to the Zoo which was what I really wanted to do, mostly for Boston, but it was so neat to go, too. Lacie bought him lots of animals at the gift shop so we still remember lots about the Zoo. Saw some wonderful friends, shopped...OH and we finally got Boston some 'Boston Red Sox' items for his room. Too cute. 
You guys, this was so cool. Flying over the Grand Canyon...I just thought this was so neat!

I never saw an Elephant before, so this was just as cool for me as it was to Boston.

Lacie and I were dying at this picture--her Jeff is so much shorter than mine!

He's really into pushing strollers I can no longer go on walks because he wants to push it, which takes about 100 times longer.

This was so great...seeing all our good friends, and meeting a new one! Always so much fun to catch up with this crew...I so wish we ALL lived closer!

After our Salt Lake stay, we went up to Midway and spent time with Jeff's parents. We would have gone up a lot earlier but his parents were gone!! Boston really enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa--they played the whole time.

Ready for the grad fair!

They were pals... :)

I love this picture...he's so Rico suave.

Apparently I completely wore him out on this trip. He was sooo tired. He just laid here for 10 minutes. He was so much fun, too. 

We love visiting Utah so much. I just feel there is SO much to do there!! With that being said, I was ready to go home! I was excited to sleep in my own bed...

Sunday, October 23, 2011


We are enjoying our time in Utah. We flew down because Jeff is doing a career fair at Byu on Monday! We're excited to be back at our old stomping grounds. I have lots of pics on my camera but some on my phone, so enjoy these!!!