Friday, May 23, 2014

No more diapers!!!!!!!!

Can we just stop and think about that title? I'm SO beyond happy about that. It's not like I have a lot of children and have been changing diapers for like 10 years, but I get to have a break of diapers! Yay Reese is potty trained! I'm talking like, totally, 100%, potty trained. I started 2 1/2 weeks ago and went for it. It was a Monday and by Thursday she got the hang of it. I was about to give up on that day, but something clicked and she figured it out. The simple joys of being a mother. :) Go Reese!

That has been the highlight the past month BUT life still went on and we did other things as well. My friend Keilah and I have been throwing baby showers non-stop. It has been fun, but we are happy no one else we know is pregnant. This was the last shower we threw for our friend, Eve. 

With the weather being so beautiful, we take full advantage and head to the beach. It's fun to play there, even if the water is wayyy too cold to get in. Boston always asks, "Mom what are we doing tomorrow?" I reply, "Not sure buddy." His response is, "I think we should go to the beach." 

Mother's day was great. We spent the day at church then dinner at my aunt's house. It was a gorgeous day. I seriously love the summer weather in Seattle. Jeff was great that day and made breakfast, followed with a 'coupon' to go get a massage. It was the first massage I had without being pregnant! Oh, and I guess I didn't mention I cut 6 inches of my hair off? 

Boston wraps up school next week and then we head to Spokane to drop the kids off while Jeff and I vaca in Mexico. We are going with our good friends from Arizona, and we know it'll be a blast. Mexico trip will kick off the summer right!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lots & lots and soooo busy!

Some days I feel that we are so busy I just can't keep up! I feel lucky to have such a great little family though. So--let's update the last few months!

We took a trip to Spokane to support my niece and nephew on getting baptized! It was so awesome. My little brother and step-dad were the ones performing the baptism. I was happy to be there and support them. When we arrived back home, I came home to presents and surprises from Jeff! Always nice to come home to a spotless house and presents...the next couple days we celebrated valentines day. It was fun this year because Boston has school so they go all out! 

A friend and I threw a baby shower for another friend. She has 4 boys, and this was her first (and last) girl! It was fun celebrating baby Elizabeth and of course, it's always fun throwing a baby shower. 

I need to document the following picture--for family night we played basketball at our church...and I totally beat Jeff at horse. Not kidding! I did a couple granny-half court shots, and over the back! He just doesn't have those skills like I do...:)

We also got a fish! Well...more so adopted a fish. We re-named him Gus-Gus. The kids love him and it's fun taking care of him. I like to think I am teaching them responsibility?? 

My poor girl also had the flu--she just looked so cute in just her diaper. I was teaching her to throw up in the bowl, she kinda got it? 

Boston is taking swimming lessons. He LOVES it. He wasn't too sure about soccer, but I am happy he loves swimming lessons. He is doing so well. I'm really proud. Tomorrow is his last day and I re-signed him up. He even got to move up a level. The teacher is so great and she had nothing but nice things to say about Boston--one is that he always has a smile on his face. Totally true!

We felt pretty cool getting invited to two St. Patty's parties. We love our friends around here. 

A few weekends ago we went and played downtown Seattle. I love this city. Jeff works right on the water so we walked around there and explored the Marina. Holy expensive--some boats were millions of dollars. Even if I was SO rich, I couldn't justify those REALLY expensive yachts. 

Can you spot the space needle in the back??? 

And we CAN'T forget we celebrated Reese's SECOND birthday! I can't believe she is two! 
She was very spoiled on her special day. She brings so much joy into our home. She has a super strong personality and can be a challenge at times, but she can also be the sweetest. Her and Boston love love each other. Those two can play all day together. My fav is hide-and-go-seek. Boston hides Reese then walks away, only to turn around and find her! 
She is talking so much, and can sing some Frozen songs. My favs are peesh (please), where daddy go? Hi mom (hundred times in a row), Bye Mom (a hundred times), a show, row row (when she wants me to sing Row your boat). She says much more, but those are just a few!

It was a nicer day here (surprise!) so we took advantage and skipped naps and went to the beach. I love how close we live to the beach. It will be where I go most days in the summer. 

I have also been busy with banners. I love making them and love that people want them. Here are some of my favorites!

I took the rest of these pictures today. We play outside all the time. We have this cute pond right outside our house and we throw rocks in there. Frogs are always making noises at nights, I'm serious, they are SO loud. The kids think it's so fun. 

Our house is the tan one on the right! (I've had some family ask what it looks like.) That's all for now! :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Month full of sicknesses and visitors!!

When we got home visiting Utah over Christmas, our family could not catch a break from being sick, it was quite ridiculous. I got some stomach bug, and that lasted for like 4 days. Then the kids both got a really bad cold. Thank goodness it looked like a cough/runny noses so I wasn't TOO concerned. Then of course, I got it and it hit hard. It was so bad. I felt like I was slowly dying. After a week of NyQuil, nasal spray, meds, and boxes of tissues, I felt better. BUT I really couldn't kick the nasal congestion. It was quite gross! I did at-home remedies and such and it seemed to help. Well, fast forward to a few days ago, I went to the doctor and sure enough I had Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and some weird rash...aka I had 3 different medicines. It was bad. And to top that all off...Reese woke up with 102 fever last week...geez. I am happy to say (knock on wood) we are all healthy right now. This has been the worst year for sickness for us. I think it has to do with Boston starting school this year...

Although we were sick a lot this month, we had my best friend visit for a long weekend! Oh we had a blast. I never laugh so hard than when I am with her. We totally get each other. She brought her cute cute son, Bodie. Boston was so sweet to him. I love that little boy to much. Bodie is such a crack up, I love him! We went swimming, Ferry-riding, shopping, eating, went to Trader Joe's, had many many Italian sodas, laughed so hard watching the Grammy's, and of course, watched Sean & Catherine's wedding. Come back Lac!!!

While Lacie was here, I had to run off and do some Primary stuff. Have I said how much I love serving in the Primary? It's great. We had a Great to be 8 fireside for all the children who turn 8 this year, and it turned out super cute. 

I have some other random pictures on my phone I wanted to include. Boston being so funny and cute at Ikea eating his beloved meatballs. We love that store and I could spent endless amounts of money there. And that cute tassel garland! I totally won that...well kinda. The girl who actually won it never came forward, so technically I got 2nd place. Her loss :)

Jeff's parents are actually in town right now but they are at a soccer game so I had time to blog. We love having them visit. Nola and Boston have the cutest bond--it's for sure special. I'm headed to Spokane this weekend because my niece and nephew are getting baptized--yay!

Monday, January 13, 2014


We've had such a blast this last month, one to remember that's for sure. I am so depressed when Christmas is over!! I seriously get the's a real thing I swear. Anyway, this Christmas was so much fun since Boston really understands Santa and the birth of our Savior. We had fun teaching about the Christmas story as well as getting him so excited for Santa. I'm so happy I decided to get Elf on the Shelf, it's so fun as a parent to hide him every night and get so excited for them to find it! I think Boston was depressed when Whitaker went back to the North Pole. :)

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner with my aunt and cousins. It was actually really fun getting the table set and making the dinner, it really wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be. BUT what would be the Holidays without some drama right??? So, I was cutting the potatoes and the kids were on the couch watching Curious George when I heard Boston say, "Mom?? I stuck a red thing up my nose..." Serious!!! They were snacking on some candy pearls that decorate the top of cakes and such, but they were like a sixlet size...aka the perfect fit for a nose...:) So I brought him over to the garbage to help him blow it out, but nope, it was up there good. I called around and talked to some nurses to see if I needed to take him to Urgent care, and sure enough I did! It can be dangerous if he get's lodged in the wrong place. So we spent many hours at the doctor trying to find it, but it eventually dissolved, so we were told to watch him closely for weird smells because that would mean a sinus infection. 

After dinner, Jeff and I had fun playing Santa setting out cookies, bringing presents down, putting together toys etc. I loved it so much. We were busy packing also because after presents in the morning, we were headed off to Utah to see Jeff's parents after two LONG years! Anyway, the kids woke up and we all rushed down stairs to see what Santa brought. The kids were both spoiled with many great gifts. 

We then hurried off the airport! It was quite the sight with Reese straddling my carry on being pulled around the airport...she thought that was fun but it was kinda hard to manage. It was so awesome seeing Jeff's parents. They served a two year mission in Samoa and we could not wait to see them. I love spending time in Midway. Reese ran up to Nola and gave her hug, which totally surprised me because Reese isn't the friendliest little girl!! We had a blast going sledding a few times and playing in the snow. AND Jeff and I celebrated 5 years! I loved going back to temple square and reminiscing--even though Reese cried the whole time.  

It was a wonderful Christmas. BUT I will say that ever since we've been home from Utah, we have been battling the flu and bad colds. I totally went to bed at 9:30 New Years Eve...Oh how my priorities have changed! 

And what would be January without the kick-off of Bachelor!! JUAN-uary is my favorite month for Tv series!!