Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some things...

I sure love playing with my cute kids! They make me SO happy! Especially since Reese is now becoming more of a smiling SO much...'talking' (oh the cute talking!) and interacting more. Boston copies me when I'm talking to Reese in a high pitch voice. It's really funny actually. He is starting to become a little more rough with her...which I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

This girl loves her bumbo...

I've also added some things to her room...pouf balls and her frames. 

Look how big her closet is?? Our room and Reese's room have walk in closets...Boston doesn't have one but he does have a longer one.

If you look close enough, Reese has her little tongue sticking out.

During the day when Reese just wants me to hold her, putting her in the Bjorn is best thing for the both of us!

He sure does love his sis

ha ha how creepy does Boston look??? ha ha I laugh every time I look at this picture. Some cute things about Boston...
-one of the first nights we were here, he woke up in the middle of the night screaming because he thought a bee was in his room... ha ha seriously screaming! We thought he had a bad dream but one night I was comforting him and I heard the bee noise!!! He's a smarty. I think it's his heater...
-he can count up to 10 by himself, we're still working on the alphabet
-we tried to see where he would be at for potty training. We attempted it for a day, but then realized he has no idea what is going on and could care less. So we will probably see where he is at come fall. He did look super cute in little underwear tho. 
-he has to get in and out of his car seat or throws a fit...and has to shut the door
-LOVES playing in our hot's not quite hot enough to play in our pool but I'm sure he'll love it. 
-is enjoying us reading to him he sits for longer than 10 seconds.
-when he gets up in the morning, he now comes into our's a little creepy when he stares right at our face and we wake up to that
-when him and Jeff play baseball, he doesn't care to throw the baseball with his free hand but rather with the glove...ticks Jeff off.
-still loves his puzzle...Jeff and I have to switch back and forth playing with him because we both hate that puzzle. 

In other news, we love it here. I have a play group which is wonderful, and Jeff refs basketball games on the weekend. He loves doing that. He said that even when he starts his job he still may do that. We still need to go check out the zoo, and we'd like to get season passes to the aquarium. I am going to sign up for a race shortly, just trying to figure out the best weekend! I'm heading back to Spokane next weekend because my sister's bf is getting baptized! He's great. That'll be fun to see Ally and the family. I'm excited and I know Boston will be thrilled to see grandma and grandpa. Anyway--that's it for now!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our new home

Ok, I can sort of breathe now. It was SOOOO busy the last two weeks that I couldn't even thinking about the blogging world. But it's time to update...:) 

We are in Seattle!! We actually live in Lynnwood, which is 15-20 minutes north of Seattle. We really love it here so far. We couldn't have chosen a better area. We kind of picked a complex, looked around the area and signed our lease, so the exploring part happened later when we moved here. There is a way cool mall about 2 miles away...Target (which it's actually almost a super target but they can't be called that because they don't actually have a deli...whatever it looks like a super Target), a cool little shopping around across the street with a brand new Fred Meyer, parks in every direction, Wal-mart a mile away etc. It's just a great area. We've been warned about the traffic here so the fact that everything is so close to our home is great because I won't have to get on the freeway at all. 

Every box is now unpacked...things aren't in their place but boxes are gone which is a relief. Everything happened super fast that I can 'relax' when both kids are sleeping. We got home from Arizona on a Thursday, packed the rest of the house up that night, got the moving truck Friday morning, packed our truck Friday morning, LEFT Spokane Friday at about 1pm. Wait, it doesn't stop there. Jeff had Boston and the moving truck-- I had Reese and the car. We got to Seattle about 6pm...UNPACKED our whole truck that night just the 2 of us with 2 dad and step-mom arrived with our other car at about makes me tired just thinking about everything again. Saturday we started unpacking everything...oh it was busy!!! Fast forward to now...we are getting settled.

I feel comfortable to show our home now that boxes are all gone, BUT it's still a bare with me.

This is what you see right when you walk in..Boston's room on left, bathroom on right. (Did I mention the bathrooms are HUGE??)

Boston's room (so messy, sorry)

Living area

Then on your right my messy kitchen

View of living room from kitchen

Reese's room (which is still bare)

Like I said, decorations are coming...I'm just taking a break from unpacking. I'm not adding pictures of bathrooms because let's be honest, nobody wants to see a bathroom and we all know what they look like. Annd...our bedroom was messy when I was taking pics. :)

It's pretty big, too. I believe it's 1367 sq. feet so it's spacious, but it's still an apartment. :) 

I've been good at taking pics with my phone so here are some other things we've been doing...

Moving, sword fighting, Reesie smiles, Ikea shopping, fit throwing, Hobby Lobby shopping, soft ball game watching, Seattle exploring, playground playing, Sunday night lovin'. That about sums it up!