Monday, December 10, 2012

Since living in Seattle...

Seattle has been great to us; I know I've really enjoyed it. Like most who haven't lived here, I was anxious to see really how much it really rained because let's face it, you hear rumors. 

I thought it'd be kinda fun/interesting to do some things we learned since living here. I know I didn't post about Thanksgiving, but I failed and didn't take pictures on my camera, just my phone and I've already posted those. We went to Spokane for a week and had a blast. I can't wait to go back for Christmas in less than two weeks!!!

Anyway, back this post. So, Seattle. Since living in Seattle....

  • I found out that Boston doesn't need anymore eczema lotion because it's so moist here that it cleared right up!
  • My lips are soooooo chapped! Like I get a little anxious leaving the house without chap stick. I've been told it's a Seattle thing...
  • Always put the lid on the formula because if not, it clumps together.
  • When we first moved here, the carpet felt moist.
  • In the summer, we kept our ceiling fan on so it doesn't get musty.
  • ALWAYS close your trunk when it's pouring (even if you're JUST getting the stroller out) because if you don't, it'll puddle in your trunk and then it WON'T dry up! Jeff goes 'well it'll dry in the summer' Ha ha isn't summer like 6-7 months away??
  • Jeff and my feet are always cold. I guess it's because of the moisture.
  • Don't leave your house from 5pm-7pm. You'll get stuck in traffic even if it's to Walmart. No joke, took me 20 minutes to drive MAYBE 3/4 a mile. I will say this though, other than a couple times, I have had the luxury to dodge all traffic. 
  • The city is all one ways...
  • BUT the city it so cool.
  • Jeff commutes 45 minutes each way to work. He's not the biggest fan of that.
  • You can ride the ferry anytime.
  • The Ocean is SO close.
  • Our rent is outrageous...that's super fun.
  • It's not AS rainy (to me at least) as many think. It rains, yes, but it's more cloud cover. 
  • When it's sunny out, there really isn't a prettier place.
  • The summer we moved here, there was 81 STRAIGHT days of sun (it was a record). I think Seattle was happy we moved here.
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to document all the things I've learned since living here. I'm enjoying it, Jeff's enjoying his job...and the kids are happy. Nothing better!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Ya know, I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween...I could be the worst mom, right? So before you judge me, I don't let my negativity about Halloween rub off on the kids. I decorate my house all cute, get my kids costumes, get PLENTY of candy, etc. I guess Jeff and I don't really care about going 'all out.'

Anyway, Boston was the black spider man, I think his name is Venom. He loved it. He just looked so cute in it. Reese, on the other hand, used Boston's dinosaur costume, which might I add, Boston wore for 2 straight Halloweens. Ha ha, see? We aren't much for Halloween. 

We did the usual Ward trunk or treat, but I've never been to one so huge! It was a Stake one. It was way fun. Jeff wasn't able to make it because he didn't get off work in time. When we got home, being the cool mom that I am, I took Boston around our complex for some more trick or treating. He was so funny. Instead of letting people hand out the candy, he would go in and try to grab hand fulls. ha ha. I laughed almost every time. Love that little boy. Also, after every house he would ask me to open that candy he just received. I had a blast with him!

I love those cute babies! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkins & Bowling

We've had such a fun week! Since the rain has started and probably won't stop for another 4 months, I want to make sure we are busy doing fun things. I finally went to our rec center, which is so so cool. It has two huge slides and Boston was tall enough to go down one. It was so sad/funny. I was at the bottom waiting for him when I saw his cute terrified face coming around the corner backward, with his swim shorts by his knees. I could tell he maybe wanted to cry, but just quickly got up and said 'I did it!' I asked if he wanted to go again, but he was already was walking away super fast when he said no. Ha ha, it was hilarious but still kinda sad. The rec center also has an indoor playground where water is spraying everywhere. They also had a huge hot tub where kids all ages could go in, that's where Reese and I spent most our time. 

It was so so fun and we will be going there lots. 

We also went with some friends to the pumpkin patch. It was a gorgeous day so we took full advantage. I met a nanny at story time, so she took the kids she watches and I also invited a family in our ward. The kids are kinda all different ages so Boston was faster than all of them.  I was impressed because they had so many different things for kids to do. It was so much fun.

Jeff had mentioned many times that we should take Boston bowling; he figured Boston would love it and he sure did. He was so good but he did have the bumpers. The poor guy would throw the ball as hard as he could, but it would go sooo slow. 

Here's Boston's score...see! He did ok! 

And here are my cute babies just because. I love them so so much. A little on Reese...

I could put a little pony in her hair...wouldn't stay that long, but I still did it!!
She's 7 months!
She FINALLY has one tooth! It's not all the way in, but cut through.
She loves to throw things. When I give her toys she goes buck wild and the toy flies.
Does this cute smile where she smiles so big that her gums show.
Grabs my hair and pulls.
Eats so well. The only one I notice she doesn't like are peaches and mangos...too tart I guess.
When Jeff comes home and doesn't give her attention right away, she stares at him until he does.
Can't get enough of Boston, I know when she is mobile she will follow him around everywhere.
No signs of crawling just yet. 
Best sleeper in the whole world! 8-8 baby! 

Where do I even begin with this cute guy??
Carries around his snake and Batman 
Obsessed with dinosaurs. Seriously. 
Loves trains, too.
Loves to color his spiderman coloring book.
Just this week he started to say prayers all by himself. So cute. He says mom and dad and 'Reesie-girl' like 10 times. Guess he's grateful for his family!!!
He loves to wrestle Jeff. 
When Jeff walks in the door, his first instinct is to hide and have dad find him.
The best pacifier giver in the whole world. When that baby falls out, Boston is on it!
Sometimes can be rough with Reese, but for the most part, best brother.
He says 'I love you so much' all the time. After his nap he says 'I missed you so much'
He is so good at story time. He wasn't into reading all that much until we started going to the library. 
And he'll be 3 in just 3 weeks!!!! 

Finally, Jeff's work had a Halloween party for the kids. They carved pumpkins and went around to find candy all around the office. I will say this, I def do not like going downtown when every street is a one way! ha ha, no but seriously, that was an experience to do with myself and two kids. But we made it!!

Yes, Reese is using Boston's costume he used last year. I just sewed a bow on it... 

Anyway! We've been enjoying our time that's for sure. I'm so looking forward to seeing family in 3 weeks!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

I absolutely love getting family pictures done. I have loved looking back on the ones we have done previous and comparing them to now. It's so fun to see how my family has grown...

Anyway, we got our pictures taken by Lulabell Photography. I met Lauren when I was a single lady in Provo. We taught at the same gymnastics gym. She lives in Vancouver, but from time to time she travels to Seattle because her mom lives her and she has clients. I'm sure in a year from now I'll drag the family out to get pictures taken again. She is awesome!

I'm obsessed with all of them. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

twenty four

I'm one year older guys! Yesterday I celebrated my 24th birthday! Every year since age 20, I've either been pregnant or had a baby. I hope neither happen this year! Let's see...age 20 I was pregnant with Boston, age 21 I had Boston, age 22 (almost 23 mind you) I got pregnant with Reese, and age 23 I had her!! So let me say this...I'm taking a break from both! 

I will also say that although my birthday fell on a Sunday, it was one of the best yet. The past 3 birthdays have been pure chaos! I've been either going to school or I was alone because Jeff was at class all day. It really was so perfect. 

Jeff and I went to Bellevue and ate at the Cheesecake Factory on Friday and then walked around the mall. It was a super nice mall; it was Bellevue fashion week too! Saturday Jeff and Boston got up and got doughnuts so we could eat some that morning AND Sunday morning. Yes as a family, over two days, we ate a dozen doughnuts. The running I did that week went out the window...

Sunday we went to church and I was sung to twice by the Primary! We came home after and I took a 2 hour nap while Jeff cooked my cake (which he did amazing by the way). My aunt and bro and sis-in-law came later and celebrated! My aunt brought over a red velvet cake and Jeff cooked a cake, so we have plenty of cake to say the least. 

Notice Reese is eating my scarf...:)

We have been practicing singing 'Happy Birthday' and blowing out candles. I knew Boston would just love blowing out ALL these candles. I loved it. 

Also! Saturday we had family pictures and our wonderful photographer already sent us two preview pictures. I am in love with these two so much already! I can't wait to see them ALL!!

Thanks to all my family and friends who reached out to me! I felt so special! You all rock!! Especially Jeff who was so good to me yesterday!