Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our top 10 in '11

It's been fun to talk with Jeff about our best things that happened in 2011...we have so much to be grateful for AND things to look forward to!!

10--Boston learning to walk {although I can't remember if it was December or January} and truthfully getting into everything.

9--For our two year anniversary gifts to each other we bought Brian Reagan great.

8--Now this may seem odd, but we had the best Valentines dinner with our close friends at Melting Pot. It was such a fun and memorable night...(not to mention FAB food).

7--Our trip to Utah for Spring break--visiting family and friends.

6--Jeff had an experience of a lifetime {well, kinda} and went golfing at the Coeur d'alene resort for his birthday...not to mention we also spent the night there.

5--I ran my first half marathon...didn't die and did really well! {oh how I can't wait to feel skinny again :)

4--Jeff starting his internship at the Valley Hospital. He worked so hard this summer...AND he still does!

3--Our Hawaii trip with all the family....AND not to forget Jeff's parents receiving their mission call to Samoa for 23 months. We are so happy BUT so sad we won't see them for that long. They are coming Sunday to say there goodbyes! 

2--Finding out we are pregnant with baby #2 on August 1st. 

1--AND our biggest highlight of this year is finding out we're expecting a little girl this time around. We were/are so excited.

It was hard to narrow down the 'best' events we had this year, but I think this pretty much sums it up. 

In 2012, I'm MOST excited for the arrival of our baby, and Jeff graduating and getting a job is close second. And, I guess if I had to choose a third it would be for me to get back into shape...oh I how I miss my old body...:)

HAPPY 2012!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the one about Christmas

Does anyone else get so sad when Christmas is over??? I look forward to all the family time, chaos, cooking, laughing...I just love it all! I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little depressed on the 26th when it was all over...but I guess I snapped out of is because our anniversary was the 27th!! It's such a fun time of the year and I hate when it's all over!!!! I was lazy on taking pictures over the Holiday...but that's alright.

These pictures I believe I took Christmas eve eve...

Whenever we ask Boston to change his diaper or feed him etc. he thinks the corner of the  couch makes him invisible I he runs and hides his face here. 

Here are the Christmas pictures!! We had a wonderful Christmas eve with my dad and Marci...of course great food and sibling gift exchange. I love traditions!!!! 

Then Christmas we woke up early to shower, packed our gifts to each other and went to my mom's house!! We were spoiled lots and lots...from each other and both parents. My mom totally surprised me and bought me a sewing machine! I had NO idea! It's funny because I was just telling Jeff how I'd love to learn to sew...that's one thing I have NO clue how do to!!! I'm really excited about it. 

Boston of course was a little overwhelmed with gifts. Every time we opened a present he wanted me to open the toy up to play with it! I just started to open them and hide them so I didn't have to open every present. By the end of day all he wanted to do was open presents...

This is a horrible angle, but great belly shot. This is 25 weeks and some days....

Mom and Pete

We are so fortunate to celebrate our anniversary just two days after Christmas!!!! We went to dinner Monday night and just decided to take Boston. We had a great dinner at the Roadhouse, thanks to Dave and Staci.

It was just too cute how Boston was laying in the corner and snuggled up...

AND!!! The BEST thing of all! A wonderful friend of mine was baptized!!!! It was such a wonderful serious. The music was so pretty and Brit was glowing. Perfect ending to our anniversary...:) 

I still can't believe it's almost 2012!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Frosty the Snowman or 'fossy'

Boston has an obsession with Frosty the Snowman...luckily it's only about 25 minutes. It's the perfect little show. I especially loved it, but only the first 10 times, then I wanted something new. His new kick is Gnomeo and Juliet which is really cute. He loves Frosty when he goes to bed and I snapped some pictures...

{he's on the couch}

He is so so sweet...

And this was funny. It's freezing in the morning and Boston knows where to get the heater. I got him out of the shower and I turn around and he was gone!! Guess where this little guy went??? By the heater...I laughed.

It's ALMOST Christmas! YAY!! AND our anniversary is the 27th!! Yahoo!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yet another...

I have been SO lucky to have 3 ultrasounds!! Last pregnancy, I only got 1...which is pretty normal. It has been so fun to watch this little one grow! The reason I had to have another was because she was laying on her stomach and the tech couldn't see her face and heart. I didn't know they actually look at the face, I always thought they just show you for fun! Anyway, heart is great and face looks good. They got such a great 3D picture of her little face--it was pretty amazing.
Little face looking at you

Boston and her have the exact same little nose...I remember thinking how small and little Boston's nose was.

I'm not sure if you see the babe here, but that's her arm bent up...and it looks like she's cuddling up against me. TOO cute!!

Just a little update on this guy as well...

His vocabulary is just growing like crazy. Some days he says things that I didn't know he knew!!! It's so fun to be able to actually communicate with him...he calls for his dad in the morning to get him....he loves Frosty the Snowman SO much, which I'm so grateful for because Lion King was getting sooo old. He pats my belly and says baby...then pulls up his shirt and says baby. He loves building with his blocks...and he is so stinkin' smart and builds guns and shoots....again, not sure where he got that from? Boys must be born knowing shooting noise. When he 'dies' he rolls his eyes back and says 'uh'. So cute...

He has beaten 2 levels of Angry birds...again...not sure where he learned how to play! I guess just watching Jeff and me play a loooong time ago! He can navigate through my phone it's incredible. I only let him play with it once a day tho...OH this is funny...I'm sure most moms who have an iphone know of the app 'Talking Tom Kat'...well Boston just hits him over and over again until he falls down and sees stars..well he was reading a book the other day and kept hitting the book over and over again and then falling down! Smart little guy...

He is such a sweet boy, too. He kisses me at random times and it melts my heart every time! He loves Jeff so much...right when Jeff gets in the door he either points at his shoes or says 'bootball'!!!!! They are best friends I swear. They play downstairs for hours shooting the basketball. He is so good at making hoops! I need to get that on video. He truly is our pride and joy! 

Oh and p dot s....My brother-in-law brought it to mine and Jeff's attention that we spelled 'Gertsch' wrong on our Christmas cards and he was indeed right. How embarrassing!!!! The worst part is that Jeff and I looked over that card a couple times to make sure we spelled everything right...Gertsch can be difficult to spell ok....

Friday, December 9, 2011

So hard...

I realize this little baby won't be here for four more months, but I always need to be organized and planned...

Which brings me to what is soo hard! Girl names!!! We can't decide or think of any girl names and it's driving me nuts! With Boston it was pretty easy...we even had a handful of other boy names, but obviously, won't be using any of those! 

I have one I LOVE, but Jeff fully isn't on board, and Jeff has one he LOVES, but I'm kinda liking it. So...we are stuck! We both have used our apps on our phones of over thousands of names, but....none we like. I guess we are picky??? Anyway, if you guys have ANY ideas on girl names, please send them our way!! {Oh, and remember, we like cute unique names...hence Boston.}

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big Belly

I'm pretty sure most of my friends will say 'oh you don't have a big belly at all' but trust me, it's getting bigger. This week while putting on my tennis shoes, I was huffin' and puffin' because it was SO uncomfortable to reach to my feet...not a good sign. Just shows that she's growing!!! Didn't help either that I was wearing jeans...I had to just call Jeff in to help tie my shoe! 

I also know that I have SO much more to grow, but just this past week I have felt actually pregnant, meaning the belly was big enough to get in my way!!! Let's see, in pregnant news...I have another ultrasound because when I had my 20 week she was positioned weird and they didnt' get the greatest look at her heart and I get to see that sweet baby next week! She's  moving and kickin' away in's always fun to feel that...

I was asking Jeff to take all these different pictures because I didn't like most of I kept asking him to take another and while I was complaining he took a picture and said this is what I always look like...thanks you too! :) 

And this little guy is super cute. He always likes to jump in the pictures...but when I asked him to show his belly, he lifted up his shirt. He's seriously so cute! 

Also! We had Josh and Linds come over on a whim tonight...we love them. Let the kids play...and chatted.

He did the cutest thing today! Totally melted my heart. We were getting ready to leave and Boston went into his room and put all his toys away, then unplugged his fan...THEN shut off the light. I guess I've taught him well?? THEN when I was getting ready to lay him down I said 'k let's go take a nap!" and he ran into his room, shut off the light and sat in the rocker. I just loves him so much!!!