Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have been waiting so patiently to let this all out but I couldn't until it's official, and's official.

Jeff was offered a FAB job in Seattle! It has been 2 months in the making and he was offered last Tuesday. Today, he accepted. It's the best feeling in the entire WORLD! Oh I can't wait. So here's how it went down...

Mid January he contacted the recruiting officer in Chicago for a Healthcare consulting job in Seattle. He sent his resume, she forwarded it on to the Healthcare head guy. He was interested. He had a phone interview a week ish later...and then flown out to Seattle the following week. Interview went great and he was really impressed with the company. We then thought we were waiting for a final answer but instead, he had one more guy to meet. So....we waited. The director had a contact in Spokane that he was going to meet with beginning of March, but that was pushed back so he did a phone interview with Jeff instead. Again, things went great. All the people Jeff interviewed/talked with seemed like great people. I'm excited for him. 

Then, the following week he was offered the job!! Oh how I remember that fun. So I may have left out some details but those are the main points. I couldn't WAIT to blog about it but I was just so excited...but Jeff said I had to wait until it's official. SO since he's in Chicago for a conference AND the recruiter/head office is in Chicago, it was appropriate for him to accept it face-to-face. They took him out to lunch and just chatted. I'm just so excited!!!

So he starts mid-July ish. Which at first we were a little like 'dang!' but it actually works out for the better...with a new baby and all. She'll come next week (Ya, next week), and Jeff finishes school/graduates early-mid May. SO that means I'll have help packing May/June with a new baby and Boston. I'm actually grateful for the timing of the new job. We'll take a couple trips to Seattle to figure out where we'll set up camp. Any recommendations are appreciated...:)

We really feel so blessed with this job, and I couldn't more happy/excited for Jeff. He has worked so hard the past couple years in grad school that he totally deserves such a great job. I'm excited for a new city, too! Ya the weather might put a damper on things, but I'm willing to look past that and focus on the MANY things we can do over there!!

So there you have it! We're moving to Seattle!!!! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Such a Weird Week

It's been an odd one, that's for sure!! To start off, Boston got so sick Monday night at 3:30 am throwing up. He threw up every half hour until 7 am. It was seriously the saddest thing. At 7:40 am I couldn't do it anymore-- I was so tired!!! Jeff happily switched me, thank goodness. Here's what's funny, Boston didn't throw up at all anymore once Jeff started watching him!!! Guess he had the magic touch. AND he was fine the rest of the day?? I thought maybe a bug??? But it gets better.

We then had some fabulous news Tuesday morning when I woke up from being awake all night. But I'll report on that later, sorry...the suspense is probably killing you.

The following night Boston was totally fine, made me feel better thinking it was just a bug!! The day was completely normal...

I had a doctor apt Thursday morning at 8 am. Things still look great-- blood pressure is back to normal and no protein in urine-- phew. Looks like I'll make it to 39 week induction!! (well I can only hope) I come home and everyone is still sleeping, which wasn't normal since it was almost 9am. Anyway-- I asked Jeff to wake Boston up at 9:30 because I was worried he wouldn't nap later. Jeff goes in there and there is throw up everywhere. I was so so sad. He didn't even call for us in the middle of the night, nor did I hear him puking. He just wanted Jeff to hold him. Poor guy had a dry diaper because he threw up so much. I was so sick to my stomach! It was back to a day full of laundry. I decided I should call the doctor and see what the heck was going on! They wanted to see him, but in the meantime I pumped him with pedialyte and switched to soy milk. I'm not worried he's allergic to milk it's just I read that if he had stomach virus, milk makes it worse.

So yesterday I took him to the doctor and his blood pressure was high along with his heart rate. The doctor said his lips looked dry also, just meaning he was dehydrated. He had a full liter of pedialyte so I wondered how he could be!! Anyway, he said normally he would tell moms that it's a stomach bug and send them home but he had a gut feeling to draw some blood. They had to draw from his arm so I was a little worried BUT my sweet little dude didn't even whimper you guys. The first initial poke he said 'ow' but that was it. He just thought his bandage was the coolest thing, oh and he was given treats too. He even told me at nap time that the 'doctor was fun.' Ummm, sure we'll see how he feels when we go again to the doctor! Later on I got a call from the doctor and thank goodness his blood was fine but did confirm a virus. He hasn't thrown up for two nights in a row and that's without milk, so I do think the milk made it worse. He's been such a cuddly guy and he can have all the pedialyte his little body wants.

To top everything off Jeff flew to Chicago this morning for 6 days!!!! Yes 6...I can probably do a couple but 6 is sooo long. He went for a healthcare conference with some friends and has known he was going since he started the program, but it's just really bad timing. I mean, this baby could come!!! He comes home 1 week before I have her, that's cutting it close. I even made him feel bad so he got me a massage for later today :) There is just so much to get done this week and with Boston being sick...that equals one tired mama. We'll stay busy tho I'm sure.

37 weeks!!

My sick Boston--this was after the second day of throwing up.

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but he loves puzzles and is so so good at them.

I kept telling Boston to get in dad's suitcase so he can go with him to Chicago. Ha ha he ran to the room and got in really fast. 

Happy St. Patty's day!

See his bandage??? AND see the smile?? 

This was him napping after day 2 of throwing was another laundry day.

Very proud of his bandage on his arm.

These are ALL out of order but my computer was being goofy so I blogged from my phone....and now I can't rearrange them. Sorry if you're confused but I hope you get the idea. :)
Anyway--there you have it...super weird (but exciting) week!!! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lindsay's Babe Shower

I love being pregnant with good friends! Especially since when our husbands get together ALL they talk about is school, so all we talk about is pregnant stuff. It's worked out nicely. PLUS Boston is in love with Lucy. He talks about her all the time and prays for her. Most of the time she's the first person he prays for. 

Anyway--Melanie and I threw Linds a baby shower last night for her baby girl. She's due May 17th, so she's getting close! She's so clever and wanted to do a crepe bar, ummm....yum. She made some of the best creams and toppings ever. Plus it all turned out so cute. I was taking pictures because she needed to visit so Lindsay take ALL these pictures--they're for you!

Oh wait, before the baby shower pictures I forgot to mention that when we were on our way to Lindsay's we stopped to get balloons, and we got hit...yes again. SAME way we got hit a couple months ago but just on the other side. It's just so annoying!! Jeff stopped to let me out and a car didn't see us and backed right into us. Can people NOT see our car when backing up???? It's not THAT bad, but still needs some fixing up. We felt bad for her because she clearly didn't see us and was in such a hurry she said.

On the brighter side of things, the shower was super cute and went great! 

I feel like a cow in these pictures. I told Jeff to remind me not to wear these pants again.

I love your face in this one Lindsay.

The husbands took the children to a place called Sky High which {I guess} is full of trampolines. Jeff said Boston loved it, even tho he is kind of a wuss and crawls in instead of most 2 year old boys and jump in. Oh well, I love that he is cautious. I'm really excited to meet another little Lucy, she'll be so stinkin' cute. 

One more thing...I'm trying to make Saturday doughnuts a tradition. My mom used to get doughnuts on Saturday and I just loved it. Boston devoured his this morning and I snapped a picture. He is just too cute!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Being 9 months pregnant...

We are getting close people! Only 3 more weeks until this babe is coming out. Today I had my doctor apt and all is well. If you read my last post about me being worried about the possibility of preeclampsia happening again, it looks like things aren't worse, but not really any better either. I only had traces of protein in my urine, but my blood pressure was a little higher. I had normally been 108 ish, and today was obviously higher but nothing alarming, yet. It's still in the norm range. So we are good until next week!! I'm just happy I'll be 37 weeks next week because IF it's worse, then I'd be okay with inducing if we HAD to. I thought 35-36 weeks was just a little too early still. I just want a big, healthy baby. (K maybe not TOO big).

In other news, I'm dilated to a 3. Which seems like a lot, but I'll probably stay there until I go into labor--let's be honest. It's just funny because I knew I was having some uncomfortable cramping, and looks like I wasn't a wuss after all! I never reached a 3 until I was induced with Boston, either so I'm just a little excited things are moving along! 

She is also head down...which also is fabulous news.

No idea why my eyes are so might be because I'm just...well...bigger. :) 

I look so huge I feel like! Oh well, comes with being 9 months, right!

ALSO! I've been asked many times what we are naming her. It's no secret at all, we just haven't made it public I guess. We are 99.8% sure her name will be Reese Jane. Reese because we (moreso me) love it. I've always liked it, and it's just always kind of stuck with me! And Jane because that's my moms name. If Jeff had it his way he would like to name her Jade or Lily. He really likes Reese too but I'm not 100% convinced it would be his first choice. I really love I'm hoping we'll use it!!

All in all, things are looking just fine here. It's a little stressful with other things going on, which I hope to blog about in the near future. BUT I can tell you that Jeff defended his graduate project which is a HUGE deal! He did soo great (I wasn't there but that's what I heard). It's pretty much what you work towards for the two years in the program. I'm very happy and very proud of him. He worked so hard on it.

And....I'll leave you with this cute pictures of my cute boys just because.

It was cute because Boston moved closer to Jeff, had to have a pillow AND my phone. He wants to be just like Jeff. Too cute.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cute Boston and 35 weeks

I sure do love my Boston. As my one-on-one time with him is soon coming to an end, I can't help but just stare at him sometimes and just watch him...creepy-ish?? I'm sure every mom does this. I've just been so sad to think that he'll feel sad when I can't play cars with him all day. He is such a joy.

I want to document some of the best things he does/says before I forget...

-He still has yet to get out of his bed until one of us comes in and gets him. If we don't get him within a minute or two, he starts yelling 'Dad! Dad!' and we kind of laugh because he's probably thinking like 'what the heck guys!'
-Even last night he dropped his motorcycle and called one of us in to get it...he kept saying 'Cycle fall.'
-He spends on average an hour in the tub in the mornings. He is really starting to make believe play and I think that's what entertains him. The other day he spent 2 hours in the tub.
-He talks so so much. He's really starting to say sentences and it's so cute. It's so cute when he's trying to get something out but it's too hard for him (in a nice way). 
-He loves all 3 Ice Ages, Cars, Lion King (gag me), and Toy Story 3. We have all 3 Ice Ages so we trick him and rotate them so we don't get too sick of them.
-When he's watching his shows, he knows what parts are coming up and mimics it...sometimes I'm surprised by it!
-He says such good prayers, truly. I love listening to him. He doesn't need me anymore it seems. I help start out then he takes it from there...he goes 'Father, day' (Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day)--then starts naming all the things he likes. I make sure he says 'thanks for dad/mom/baby sister but he just keeps saying dad over and can be a game sometimes. He always says 'Lucy, church, fire, toys, friends' and then other random things. 

-Jeff has mentioned that he loves when Bostons goes 'Dad, what doing?' Or he goes 'Mom.....Hi.'
-I've been trying to help him understand about baby sister. Somethings he totally gets, like the bassinet, her clothes, and my belly. He goes 'baby sissy's'.
-He HAS to have kisses before bed. Again, sometimes it can be a game. 'Mom, kiss'....'Mom, kiss'....'Dad, kiss' over and over. Sometime after 20 kisses, we just leave...ha ha.
-He loves guns. I finally bought him some. He is currently shooting them in his room...he knows not to shoot mom is okay. :)
-He really is such a sweet a nice little boy. He gives me hugs at random, kisses, and says my clothes are 'pretty.' 
-He loves having friends. He has about 3...Lucy, Cal and Emma. He is the youngest and just runs after them the whole time...ha ha it's funny to watch but sometimes I feel bad for the little guy. I think sometimes they don't understand what he's saying...either do I!
-He's not potty trained, or not even interested. We have a potty chair and put him on it, but just doesn't care, and that's okay with me for now. I know this baby is coming in 4 short weeks, so after things settle down with her I'll put more time and helping him with it. I mean, he is only 2 and some months--I have time!!! Plus I've been advised to wait until after this babe because he'll revert back...I agree.
-His favorite person in the whole world is his dad. He sure loves him (and so do I!) No matter if he's in trouble or hurt he cries for him. It's cute, but I'd like him to cry for me too! ha ha

I can't get enough of him, seriously. Those are glimpses of him that I didn't want to forget!!

I wanted to update on pregnancy as marks 35 weeks. I had a doc apt and it went okay. Let me back up a little--with Boston I was preeclamptic and induced at 38 weeks and 4 days. The problems started to arise at my 38 week apt and was induced 4 days later. I had high blood pressure and protein in my urine. No major swelling, but just off. Fast forward to today, I had protein in my urine, but blood pressure was not high. Um...this is too early for this to happen. I'm not too worried yet because my doc isn't worried. Luckily I see him every week now, so HOPEFULLY my body is fighting something off and will go back to normal OR things will remain the same OR possibly worse next week. I wouldn't be THIS worried if I wasn't 35 weeks...if I was like 37 weeks I would be a little more 'okay.' Sooo...that happened today and it's been on my mind. I'm really not ready yet...not like 'things' aren't ready, but I'm not ready for her to come...I want her to stay put for at least 3 more weeks. 

BUT other than that I really do feel great. Just the usual getting uncomfortable because it's near the end. I've had some hurtful braxton hicks, which is normal...nothing ever steady. Jeff is wonderful and faithfully massages me feet every night AND I'm nesting like a mad women.

ANYWAY!! There's so much going on right now but I'll update more on that later! It's all very exciting!!!!