Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting Showered

Here's the deal mother nature...yesterday you hated me! You had Nov-Jan to snow...and yes you've snowed a couple days between then, but the DAY of my baby shower in late Feb, you decide to blizzard and snow lots?? FOR REALS? OH and one more thing...we lost power for the first time in YEARS. From about 10-3:30pm and the shower started at 4pm. Yes, about 20-30 minutes before the shower started the power kicked back on. That happened when I was showering in the dark...with a candle.

Oh yes, there were tears.

Needless to say, the day started off not looking too bright. BUT it turned out seriously great. Everyone made it with the blizzard and all. I felt very lucky to have the friends and family I do. There was only (I believe) one person that couldn't make it because of the weather. Not bad at all! I was thinking NO ONE would come. It was that bad...

My mom and sis threw me such a fun shower. Well, as fun as baby showers can be, right?? :) There were games, food, (lots of food) friends, and presents. I felt so spoiled. Everyone was very generous and I'm so grateful for all of them. 

This is all the snow/blizzard in a matter of hours. We woke up to NO snow...and it dumped on us for a few hours!

My mom and I...we had Italian Sodas too, which were yummy!

You have to play the diaper candy bar game at baby showers right?? It's where you melt different chocolates in diapers and you have to smell and get your nose right in there and guess the chocolate! Oh that was funny...the melted chocolate looked so real!!

I was so hot while opening presents...I loved every minute of it tho!

We took this picture at the end so 3 people had already left! We missed you Meg, Kellie, and Mads! 

Then we had to switch out the 'moms'...meaning my mom was in the first picture without my step-mom, then vice versa. 

Despite the snow and no power thing, the day couldn't have turned out better. Loved ones came and we enjoyed spending time together anticipating the arrival of baby girl. She sure is loved! She received lots of clothes, headbands, shoes, diapers, binkies, bottles, bath toys, etc. I seriously can't believe I have 4 ish weeks's just crazy to think that I'll have 2 little ones in this house! I just hope Boston adjusts ok, that's my biggest fear.

AND what would be a post without the little guy anyway??? Him and Jeff were playing this morning before Church and I had the camera nearby. Boston shoots Jeff, then stands on his back and'd think Jeff would know not to lay on his stomach!

I'll be updating on the pregnancy this week!!! Thanks again to everyone who came and showered our sweet girl!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fun iPhone pics

I feel I get the best pictures while I'm on the go!! Boston is getting so clever and so much fun to interact with. I'll do a post all about him soon so you can know all the funny things he does. For now I wanted to share some pictures I have on my phone.

Jeff drew that elephant and I was quite impressed by it!! Also, I finally made a new wreath and took down my fall one. My favorite picture is the first one--Boston totally copying Jeff!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Low-key Valentines

Valentines day is so much fun for a pregnant lady...mostly because there are SO many treats around and chocolate {which I normally don't eat often because I'm not the biggest fan, but I can't get enough of truffles). I seriously got pregnant at the worst time in the year because Thanksgiving, Christmas AND Valentines fall within my timeline. Oh well, thanks 5 extra lbs of chocolate, my body does not thank you. {Jeff doesn't either :)}

Being married to a student doesn't really allow time for an actual Valentines date night, so we celebrated Saturday. It was really fun. My mom watched B and we went out on the town. We wanted to go to dinner and a movie but I always feel rushed at dinner when trying to make a movie soooo we decided just on dinner. We went to PF Changs and just loved it. Nothing like last year with Melting Pot...I tried talking Jeff into it this year, but I guess $100 is too much money for dinner :) :)

I got spoiled with a dozen roses, chocolate, and a fab foot rub. I took lunch down to Jeff yesterday, I actually really enjoy going to his school/office. I gave Jeff a cute sweater, with 'Riesens' as to why I love him. Kinda cheesy, but he liked it. 

Little side note on this picture...I shouldn't stand diagonal like this--it makes me look really wide. So we took another where I'm all the way side-ways, but we don't look as just know I'm not this WIDE. :) 

Of course my cute little buddy on Valentines...

I remembered I took a picture of Boston on Valentines day last year. It's always fun to look back and see what he looks like, so this was last year!

He's too cute. OH and Boston can still wear those jeans he has on in this picture, BUT they are like 2 inches too short. :)

Little fun exciting news about me! I took my history final this morning! That's two classes down now! Wahoo! I worked so hard on this history's not fun having to read about history and such on your own, but I did it. I have 18 credits left...I keep telling myself one class at a time because 18 seems like a lot, but I finished 5 credits in no time! 

33 weeks tomorrow!! T-minus 6 weeks to go! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A March Baby

So here's the scoop--Jeff graduates early May...and my due date is early April... I was so stressed about finals/deadlines/projects/presentations etc. that will take my husband I thought I'd ask my doctor to induce me a week early so that I can have some help with the newborn babe. He said of course! Jeff interned at the same hospital I'm delivering at so my doctor knows how busy Jeff will be. He said let's plan on March YA! There is possibility I will be bumped because of people actually going into labor and emergencies, but just to know around that time I'll be having my baby is very exciting! That's next month guys! 

The other night I was laying in bed thinking about having 2 children, and I started to get anxious and stressed at the same time. I thought 'holy cow, I'm going to be in labor again...' and my heart started racing!! It's just so soon that I think it finally hit me that we will have another baby in this house. 

So there you have it, she's coming next month. 

Here I am 32 weeks pregnant...7 weeks LEFT! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We have friends

Despite what some people say, we do have some. :) We LOVE Josh & Linds (Lucy, too)...we probably see them once a week at least. They came over last week and played games and ate (of course) and I'm so bugged we rarely take pictures!! Linds it pregnant too, fun huh? She's only 6 weeks behind me with another little girl. We're both excited to have babies at the same time.
The children were watching a movie so they were occupied...hence why they are smiling but not looking.

Me--just over 30 weeks Linds--just over 24 weeks

In other great news, Boston is fabulous in his bed...seriously fabulous. I'm such a proud mom because it was THE easiest switch for us. He calls for us after naps and in the morning...AND waits for us to come in and then he gets off his bed. Talk about a good boy :)

If any of you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been sewing my face off. Once I learned I just couldn't stop! I'll take pictures of final projects after this last big project. I've made pillows, burp rags, pacifier clips, car seat cover, and I'm making her a bumper pad. That one will take a while since I have to switch back and forth from studying for a final next week. It's SO fun to see how the final projects turn out. I made one of the six parts of the bumper pad last night and I'm totally in love. Everything is coming together perfectly!!

Doc apt tomorrow and I'm going to try to talk him into inducing me a week early...let's see how that goes. :)