Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to Spokane we went

I have been back to Spokane twice in the last 6 weeks, and we aren't done yet for the summer. I swear, after all these trips back and forth I'm not going back until Thanksgiving!!!!! It's okay, both were for great reasons - a baptism and then best friends wedding reception. Brit's wedding has been a long time coming!! I went dress shopping with her last year....

...and then her wedding was this year!!!

It's always so fun to go on trips, but with two kids by yourself it's more work than a vacation. Jeff had to stay here because he had a work party thing. Little tidbit on that, he loves the people he works with. It was fun for him to meet everyone and get to know more about he company. I was really excited to hear that he likes all the people and such.

Anyway! Back to the wedding. Brit has been in my life for about 12 years. She's great. We met in 7th grade and have always had a great relationship. She was there when I had my sweet baby Reese. I'm sure that was a great experience for her to watch. I was also one of her bridesmaids but I couldn't go to her wedding in Mexico, so I was by her side at the reception. Oh the reception was so fun, lots of dancing. When we were dancing I remember telling her I couldn't believe we were dancing at her wedding!!!! She married a great guy, too. I'm not saying I can take ALL the credit for those two getting married, but I'm going to take most of it. :) :) My high school boyfriend and I were the reason they met. She would come with me to Stake dances and Chris was friends with my HS boyfriend. However, even if we didn't introduce them they would've met somehow I'm sure. They are perfect for each other. 

Dancing...I'm the one with the white hair :)

Funny story about this firetruck - Brit was getting her hair done then all of the sudden a LOUD alarm starting going off. It was the carbon monoxide alarm. Brit's mom was a little worried because when it goes off it's because of low battery but this time it was reading 'gas.' So she called the power company and they suggested to call the fire department. Soooo the fire guys came out. It was funny, and we still don't know what was the reason it went off but it something to remember!  

Getting her strapped into her dress.

 It was such a perfect wedding. They are off in Europe honeymooning for A MONTH! I'm jealous. It's such a fun and exciting time for them and I couldn't be happier for their future.

SO the other part of the trip was with family. It was constantly busy. Boston napped once in a bed, the other times were on the go. Boston even went to his first movie with grandpa Mitch and grandma Marci. My dad took all three grandkids (sisters kids were also there) swimming all day and then to a movie (Ice Age). He crashed when he got home. Look how cute he looked in a theater. 

Just because...the picture below was taken last year. Look how young all the kids are!!

And the rest of the pictures are during the trip. We played at the park, the kids crashed in the car, grandma Jane doesn't have ac so I put a wet hat on Reese to cool her down, and we went and saw our old house! Ah I kinda want to move back. My step-dad, Pete, has done a fabulous job. It looks soo great.  

The trips don't stop here!! We are leaving Saturday for Utah for a week to visit friends and family. THEN once we get back, me and the kids go back to Spokane for my family reunion! So busy, but I need to think of one trip at a time so I don't go nuts!! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

I need a break...

from studying for a final, so what do I do? Blog. I have some cute pictures of the 4th so I need to catch up. But, about my schooling...I'm in the Bachelor's of General Studies program at the Y and am on my way to graduating.. I have 5 classes left before I'm done...but with 2 kids, it'll prob take me 2 years to finish, and I'm okay with that. Sometimes I get discouraged because HOW am I suppose to go to school (and do well) with two kids AND Jeff working????? I sit and stew over it and it ends with my crying. Jeff is always so good at saying the right thing. He says to not think of everything all at once, but rather just focus on one class at a time...and he's right. It's exciting, too. I'm happy I decided to finish my degree. My plan is to graduate April 2014.

Anyway, back to those cute pictures I was talking about. We had the most relaxing, non-chaotic, non-greasy foods, non-fireworks, non-horrible parking 4th of July. It could be because we didn't know of any 'cool' spots yet, or because we have two small kids and didn't want to keep them up late. Nonetheless, we didn't do much, and we were completely okay with it. Jeff had to work a few hours that morning, so the kids and I went to the pool. 

Ok so it wasn't 100 degrees like everywhere else, but it was low 70's and hey, that's great for Seattle...SO we play in the hot tub. 

Isn't our club house/pool pretty?? 

This is how Reese spends her days while I'm lounging and Boston's running around in the pool. She loves it. 

The wind started to pick up so I decided we should go home and put the kids down. When Jeff got off work the sun was shining and it was beautiful! So we went back to the pool!!! We decided to also have our bbq at the clubhouse.

These pictures are hilarious. I snapped them at the perfect time. Jeff started to stress me out a little bit the more and more he would scoot back...Boston loved it tho. 

How perfect is his form? Flawless.

Since the 4th, we got Boston arm floaties and a water noodle and he can totally swim on his own with those only. I don't leave his side but he can swim up and down the pool. It's so cute. 

When we got home we got out pop-its for Boston. He thought those were the coolest things ever made. He was not happy when there weren't endless amounts of them. I'm not a cool mom and didn't buy sparklers...I made an attempt at Fred Meyer but they didn't have them, so I didn't want to go searching...oh well, next year. 

And...like I said we didn't go see fireworks so I don't have pictures of that...but we watched a total of 5 minutes of the NY firework show, so that counts right?? 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spokane & Red Sox

I failed at taking pictures while I was in Spokane...I took 1 picture and it was of Boston holding Reese. 

My sister's boyfriend was getting baptized so I wanted to go and support him! It's such an easy drive back to Spokane so I decided I'd take the kids and go for a long weekend. After I decided I was going to go, I got a bridal shower invite to one of my best friends bridal shower! I guess I was suppose to go to Spokane that weekend.

The drive was great, kids were great, BUT having zero help (sis and mom helped as much as they could, but no one replaces the help of Jeff) it was tiring. If you follow me on instagram and facebook, you saw all the pics from the drive and such. 

The weekend went by SO fast! My mom took my little sister and I shopping which was really nice. I got some cute shoes and clothes! The bridal shower was great; it was nice catching up with Brit and the wedding plans--they get married Thursday in Mexico!!!!! I'm a bridesmaid so I'm actually heading back to Spokane in two weeks for the reception. As always, the baptism was great. Tyler is a great guy--I'm very happy and excited for him.

This is the only picture I got on my camera that weekend...

Reese is so big...but also so cute.

Boston's on this new kick of wanting to hold her. He even pats his hand on her belly and rocks back in forth. Reese also just loves him, seriously. Boston says anything to her she gives him the biggest smile. It's so stinkin' cute.

I'm excited to go back for the wedding and see my family! I miss being near them. Oh we also went back to our old house and my step dad has done so much work there! He replaced the whole deck, stairs, put trim, painted, etc. It looks so good. I joked and said we are moving back in!! It looks really good. 

In other news, for Jeff's birthday back in April, I bought him tickets to see the Red Sox in Seattle. We were both very anxious to go. My mom's twin watched the kids. Boston loves 'aunt jean' and sometimes calls my mom 'aunt jean.' Poor guy gets confused having a twin grandma. 

Jeff said this picture wouldn't look as cool in real life, but this is the roof closing on the field. It didn't make a sound when closing, the game didn't stop either. It was kinda cool to see how smooth it all was. 

It's been fun living in a city where there is so much to do!!

The next pictures are just because. Reese loves looking at the tv and Boston enjoys laying next to her. 

The next picture just cracks me up. I go into Reese's room and see Boston's dinosaurs by the window. He has such a creative mind lately. He is so funny and I love finding his toys in random places. 

Things are going great in Seattle. I really enjoy it here. Ya the sun hasn't made a huge appearance, but it's been nice going to lots of parks, and when the sun does come out we lay by our pool. The pool is Boston's favorite place in the whole world. That little boy sure is funny.