Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We are moving!

It's official you guys...we are Seattle peeps. We took a quick trip this passed weekend to look for housing, not really thinking we'd sign a lease, but we did. Jeff's first day is August 6th, so we thought we'd take another trip closer to his start date to actually sign one, but nope, we already did it. Couple things on this...it's hard to find a nice area where it has 3 bedrooms and it's not a million dollars in rent. We are paying close to a million tho :) :) The first day we were there we were a little discouraged because we couldn't find what we wanted!!!!! The places were okay and the area was alright, so I was thinking we would have to settle on 'ok' for now---but the next day totally changed that!! Cutest little apartment complex, new shopping place across the street, and Walmart down the road {every mom needs a Walmart close by, right??}. It's also a Handicap apartment so the rent is a little cheaper but it seems a little bigger {which doesn't make sense}...very small differences but the big seller was it being on the bottom floor...I need that with kids and such. AND paying less?? Sign me up. It took us a couple hours to decide on this because we would be moving next month and not living there until the end of the month so we had to decide if it was worth it...and it was for us. We really are so flipping excited about it...

To sum up the trip with Instagram :)

We left Boston as my mom's because let's be real...we wouldn't get anything done with that little guy...but we took Reese. Pretty sure we wore her out.

This is right when you walk in...

Oh and we also went and visited Jeff's work...I seriously loved it. The people were just so nice and so welcoming. I know Jeff will fit right in. I will say, I won't be going downtown that much because I was a little overwhelmed. :)

AND! Sweet little Reese was a month old yesterday. I didn't even realize it until a friend messaged me saying 'Happy one month Reese'...ya I'm a bad mom for not realizing that. She is so so sweet. Her brother just loves her too. She celebrated by sleeping almost 7 hours straight last night...thanks love.

Of course Boston being crazy...he had a serious wrestling match while I was getting ready today...boys are the best.

Jeff's birthday is Saturday and he graduates next week! Exciting time!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life with two

Life has never been better - but also never been as crazy, hectic, and stressful as it has the passed few weeks!! Having two kids isn't easy, but I do love them so much! Having little Reesie here is just so fun. Boston loves her; maybe a little too much at times. He kisses her a little too hard, holds her for 2 seconds then throws her off of him {I would be lying if I said I haven't almost dropped her a couple times when he does this}. I want to lose my mind when both are crying at the same time...I'm so tired at times I almost always have a headache from lack of sleep...I do have to say that I've kept my house clean tho. I think that would drive me nuts if it was dirty!!!! 

BUT! I will say we are adjusting to our new life. I don't know if we'll ever be fully adjusted with children {let's be honest} but we are getting the hang of things. I have to get out of the house for mine and the kids sake. We have been playing at the playground, going shopping {moreso just browsing around Target and Walmart}, and going to my moms. 

We blessed Reese this passed Sunday also. Jeff gave {as usual :)} a wonderful blessing. While he was blessing her I was getting a little choked up because there is something about grown men who are your friends surrounding a little infant and giving a blessing...I just love that so much. We didn't do a normal blessing dress...we did a cute little white tutu instead. My mom said the tutu was covering her face...oh well, the bigger the better, right????

Here are some things about our Reesie girl--

--She is sleeping fairly well. We put her to bed around 9-9:30 and she wakes up between 1-2am, then again around 6-7...not bad right? Of course we have had better nights, but also worse nights. That is just her 'norm'
--She's been in her crib since...day 4 or 5 I believe? I don't co-sleep...because that means I don't sleep :)
--She's not at all like her brother and loves to eat. This girl can put down food. She acts like we never feed her when 3 hours is up...she will be chunky I just know it. 
--Her newborn clothes are getting tight....so today I put her in 3 month clothes and they fit, but just a little big. {see told ya...she's a chunk}
--She looks a ton like Boston when she's asleep. I love being able to see the resemblance in the two. 
--She has an ear-piercing scream/cry...gotta love that
--She's so content when she's swaddled
--Has her dad wrapped around her finger...{I guess me too}

We are going to Seattle tomorrow to house hunt--I'm really excited to have a little trip! We are leaving Boston here because if we brought him we won't get much done...:) Oh and Jeff graduates in TWO weeks!!!! We still can't believe it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reese Jane Gertsch

I have been meaning to write this post FOREVER now but I seriously just couldn't find the time!!! Reese had a great night last night so I feel that this would be the time to write when BOTH kids are sleeping away. Yay for sleeping children :)

Reese Jane Gertsch was born on March 23, 2012 at 1:56 pm weighing in at 8 lbs 0 oz and 20 inches long. She outweighed her brother by 4 oz and was 1 inch taller...did I mention she was even earlier than Boston? AND 2 weeks before her due date?? Let's just say I'm happy she didn't last until her due date, which ironically is today.

This is how everything went down...

Two weeks ago I woke up early to get to my 8 am doc apt. This was suppose to be my last apt before my induction which was the following week. I was anxious for this visit because I thought my water had been leaking. Either my doc was going to confirm that it was or say that I was crazy and it wasn't. My step sister, Bailey, came over to watch Boston since Jeff was still in Chicago. I get to my apt and tell the medical assistant my concerns and she said he'll check them out. He does an exam and guess what?? My water HAD been leaking or it was broken...I actually still don't know if it was only leaking or it had been broken, that was never clarified. ANYWAY--so my doctor got this worried look on his face! I kept saying how worried he looked and he just looked at me and said 'I just don't think Jeff will make it'....um...? 

He said I needed to go to the hospital right away because we weren't 100% when my water had started to break. Let's just say I panicked a little because Jeff was flying home that night from his 6 day Chicago conference at 11 pm. My heart kind of sunk because my doc was worried, and we all know that when your doc worries--you worry.

I called Jeff right away and he couldn't believe it. The LAST day he was there I was getting admitted to the hospital to have our little girl. He just couldn't believe it!! He quickly gets off the phone and looks for earlier flights. His brothers were even so sweet to help him look, but nothing...nada. All flights were coming in around the same time. There wasn't anything he could do. At that point I couldn't really think about that--I had to think about who was taking Boston AND of course, delivering a baby. I quickly got Boston packed and took him to my dad's work. I was a little emotional saying bye to him because I didn't really have anyone at that moment. He was my little baby!! I got to the hospital around 10 am ish and they knew who I was. The nurses kept asking...'are you the one who's husband is in Chicago?' Yes that would be me. Thank goodness they weren't in any rush for anything because they knew we wanted to wait as long as possible so Jeff could make it. They got the word from Dr. Meltzer to check the baby and make sure she was stable...and make sure I didn't have a temperature.  If both were okay then I could sit and wait until 8 pm that night. They just needed me there in case I had an infection. My mom showed up soon after and was by my side the rest of the night. My little sister came and hung out with me, too. I just laid in bed, watched tv and drank Dr. pepper. 

Side note--my mom played her computer game the WHOLE time. It was so funny because she never really gets to 'just sit' so this was heaven for her.

This was my room--the biggest one they had! I was first put into a small little room but when Ally and I started wandering the halls we noticed this bad boy was open. I didn't even ask to be switched, the nurses just did it! They were so sweet.

Anyway--throughout the day I had some friends come and visit, which was nice because as much fun as it was to just sit, I was getting bored. 

Luckily I wasn't running a temperature and baby looked fine so we made it to 8 pm to start the pitocin. I actually started going into labor myself by 7 pm...meaning I was having contractions 7 ish minutes apart. I was hooked up and iv's going and it was looking good for Jeff to arrive in time. By 10pm I was getting uncomfortable and wanted the epidural. The anesthesiologist was so so nice but had to stick me 3 times. Luckily I didn't feel a thing or else I wouldn't been upset, but it didn't bother me! Just as long as I was numb, I didn't care. This time around I was nausea after the pain meds, so naturally, I threw up. Again, it wasn't bad though because I was so drugged that I felt great. I'm pretty sure the pictures above are the ones where I was pretty out of it.

11:40 pm Jeff arrived at the hospital. 

I probably would've cried but I was soo out of it. Right after he came tho I perked right up and was chatting away. Within an hour to an hour and half I started feeling pressure. It wasn't bad or hurting at all so I just mentioned it. I remember with Boston it was INTENSE pressure pain so I couldn't help but say something. I just sat and waited for it to get a little more uncomfortable. My hilarious nurse checked me and sure enough, little Reese was right there! She called my doctor who was so great. He wasn't on call that night but stayed to deliver Reese. He went across the street and fell asleep on one of his exam tables since the on call doctor got the on call room. I just love him for that!! Anyway, he arrived and got suited up and ready to go. I pushed 2-3 minutes and she was out! It was so easy. Pushing with Boston was very difficult, but with Reese--it was so easy. Maybe because I was heavily medicated that the pain wasn't as intense?? Not sure, but all I know is I had a wonderful birthing experience with sweet Reese. 

An hour later everyone was gone and it was just Jeff, me, and little Reesie. We were so so tired that we let the nursery have her for a couple hours while we tried to rest because we knew the next day we would be getting visitors. 

Boston didn't mind Reese until he held her...he kept saying 'all done.'

My sweet friend Britt was there for the birth--so happy she was there!

My sister was also there, along with my mom and Jeff. 

Our last night in the hospital--Jeff holding Reese AND watching NCAA tournament...not surprised at all.

So there ya go--the good ol' birth story. Two weeks later and we are still surviving. She is a cute little thing. Boston is doing great, too. He always asks 'hold you' then 'hold you baby'. He holds her for about 2.5 seconds then has his fill. He kisses her 100 times a day, too. He loves looking at her when I'm nursing...and the funniest thing he does is rock her way too hard in her bouncer. Don't worry, we have that under control. Reese on the other hand is doing great, too. She is a fabulous nurser, which was completely different with Boston. She wasn't jaundice...and gained her birth weight back within 4 days. Boston was seriously the complete opposite! I think it had to do with me not knowing 100% sure what I was doing and vice versa. I'm getting her on a schedule for hers and my sake...and the rest of the family too. My best friend Lacie came into town for 2 weeks and it has been so great having her here and hanging with us while Jeff is at school. Today we took newborn pics of Reese and they turned out really cute. We aren't professionals or anything, but they look great.

She's in Boston's dump truck :)

This one is so cute...he had slobbery candy face.

Cute little Reesie girl has blessed our family in ways she'll never know! I just love our little family and so happy she made it here safely. I'm anxious for her 2 week check up tomorrow to see how much weight she's put on. The simple joys of motherhood...:)