Friday, May 23, 2014

No more diapers!!!!!!!!

Can we just stop and think about that title? I'm SO beyond happy about that. It's not like I have a lot of children and have been changing diapers for like 10 years, but I get to have a break of diapers! Yay Reese is potty trained! I'm talking like, totally, 100%, potty trained. I started 2 1/2 weeks ago and went for it. It was a Monday and by Thursday she got the hang of it. I was about to give up on that day, but something clicked and she figured it out. The simple joys of being a mother. :) Go Reese!

That has been the highlight the past month BUT life still went on and we did other things as well. My friend Keilah and I have been throwing baby showers non-stop. It has been fun, but we are happy no one else we know is pregnant. This was the last shower we threw for our friend, Eve. 

With the weather being so beautiful, we take full advantage and head to the beach. It's fun to play there, even if the water is wayyy too cold to get in. Boston always asks, "Mom what are we doing tomorrow?" I reply, "Not sure buddy." His response is, "I think we should go to the beach." 

Mother's day was great. We spent the day at church then dinner at my aunt's house. It was a gorgeous day. I seriously love the summer weather in Seattle. Jeff was great that day and made breakfast, followed with a 'coupon' to go get a massage. It was the first massage I had without being pregnant! Oh, and I guess I didn't mention I cut 6 inches of my hair off? 

Boston wraps up school next week and then we head to Spokane to drop the kids off while Jeff and I vaca in Mexico. We are going with our good friends from Arizona, and we know it'll be a blast. Mexico trip will kick off the summer right!!

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