Saturday, February 1, 2014

Month full of sicknesses and visitors!!

When we got home visiting Utah over Christmas, our family could not catch a break from being sick, it was quite ridiculous. I got some stomach bug, and that lasted for like 4 days. Then the kids both got a really bad cold. Thank goodness it looked like a cough/runny noses so I wasn't TOO concerned. Then of course, I got it and it hit hard. It was so bad. I felt like I was slowly dying. After a week of NyQuil, nasal spray, meds, and boxes of tissues, I felt better. BUT I really couldn't kick the nasal congestion. It was quite gross! I did at-home remedies and such and it seemed to help. Well, fast forward to a few days ago, I went to the doctor and sure enough I had Sinusitis, Rhinitis, and some weird rash...aka I had 3 different medicines. It was bad. And to top that all off...Reese woke up with 102 fever last week...geez. I am happy to say (knock on wood) we are all healthy right now. This has been the worst year for sickness for us. I think it has to do with Boston starting school this year...

Although we were sick a lot this month, we had my best friend visit for a long weekend! Oh we had a blast. I never laugh so hard than when I am with her. We totally get each other. She brought her cute cute son, Bodie. Boston was so sweet to him. I love that little boy to much. Bodie is such a crack up, I love him! We went swimming, Ferry-riding, shopping, eating, went to Trader Joe's, had many many Italian sodas, laughed so hard watching the Grammy's, and of course, watched Sean & Catherine's wedding. Come back Lac!!!

While Lacie was here, I had to run off and do some Primary stuff. Have I said how much I love serving in the Primary? It's great. We had a Great to be 8 fireside for all the children who turn 8 this year, and it turned out super cute. 

I have some other random pictures on my phone I wanted to include. Boston being so funny and cute at Ikea eating his beloved meatballs. We love that store and I could spent endless amounts of money there. And that cute tassel garland! I totally won that...well kinda. The girl who actually won it never came forward, so technically I got 2nd place. Her loss :)

Jeff's parents are actually in town right now but they are at a soccer game so I had time to blog. We love having them visit. Nola and Boston have the cutest bond--it's for sure special. I'm headed to Spokane this weekend because my niece and nephew are getting baptized--yay!

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