Monday, September 24, 2012

Some catching up to do!

I feel like I have a lot to catch up on!
We have been staying busy with going to parks, having play dates, going to story time, shopping, going to the Lego store, swimming, playing with dad, etc. It's been so busy but the Seattle sun just wont't go away! :)

We've gone to the Puyallup fair twice. Boston had the time of his life on the kiddie rides. It's so fun to watch him get so excited to go. I wish I could have taken him on all the rides!! He had a fit both times we were done riding the rides....oh the fair tantrums are the best. We went a few weeks ago, then this past Saturday we went with Grandma Jane and Papa Pete!

I just smile when I look at these pictures again. He loved the 'shark' ride the best. I didn't know what ride that was until I saw the planes looked like a shark! Smart boy!

Of course, we had to see the animals. This year was the best yet because Boston actually gets excited about seeing animals. I think last year he was a little scared and not sure what to think. Each year will just keep getting better! I only took a picture of the pigs and her babies, because let's face it, that's super cute. 

Then this passed weekend we got to have grandma and grandpa here! Oh it was soo entertaining. I never thought I would get my mom and Pete over here, seriously. I even called Pete before calling my mom inviting them over here. They love state fairs, so I guess Puyallup fair also helped. We went shopping; grandma spoiled Boston at the Lego store, went to dinner, stayed up late watching movies, getting up early watching Fox News (more so Jane), laughing a lot, making fun of things Jane says, etc. It was a blast. They left yesterday and I actually got really sad when they left. They said they had a fun time so they'll be back. I hope so!

And lastly, my baby turned 6 months old yesterday!!! I truly, truly cannot believe she's half a year. March will be here before I know it and she'll be one. To celebrate, we got her ear's pierced this weekend! She looks so so darling. Even Jeff thinks she looks so cute. He says it makes her cute little face complete. She cried yes, but was over it shortly. She is so sweet, seriously. Some things about Reesie girl at 6 months...
  • She has eaten solid foods...and likes it better than her brother did, but still unsure what the heck it is. 
  • Scoots like mad women. You lay her down one way, and 5 minutes later she is turned the other way, flipped around, and rolled. 
  • She loves playing with her feet.
  • Has two little white buds on her bottom gums, but they haven't popped through! Which is weird because Boston had 4 full teeth by 6 months. 
  • Still thinks Boston is the coolest thing ever. Every time I get her up from a nap and come out with her, Boston says 'well Hi there' and she grins so big. Boston torments her a little too, but she doesn't mind one bit.
  • I posted this picture on instagram, but Boston caused this...

  • Screams (or talks) soo much and so loud. I am in the Primary at our church, and Reese was soo loud I had to take her out because it was that distracting. 
  • Starting to arch out of her bumbo, I no longer put her on raised surfaces.
  • Sleeps wonderful at night, and it napping 3 times a day.
  • Her and Boston think it's the coolest thing to sit by each other in our double stroller. 
  • Stares at you if she doesn't know you.
  • Still loves her momma the most!
I feel like I don't remember everything when I write these things, but some I want to remember! I couldn't imagine life without my Reese!! (Boston, too!!)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Potty training, Ferry, and out-of-town visitors!

First things first...Boston is completely potty trained!!! Hallelujah!
To be honest, it wasn't even hard/bad/traumatizing at all. I was always told that when they are ready, it'll just click, and that's what I feel happened with Boston. We tried right when we moved here and it was a disaster. Towards the end of the summer he always wanted to go 'potty' so I thought he was ready annnd...I was right! 
We did potty charts with stickers and skittles. Those things worked like a charm. I'm so relieved and happy that I only buy diapers for one now. Yes! 

We've been busy having so much fun in Seattle! It has been soo gorgeous out. We have taken the Edmonds ferry a couple times. That is such a blast. Cute little town on the other side with cute little shops. Plus, riding the ferry is just an experience on its own. 

Isn't this the prettiest thing ever?? That's Seattle with Mt. Rainier in the background.

This last weekend we got to have our friends come visit! It was way too long since we've seen Boston's best friend Lucy. They are so cute together. They fight like brother and sister, but then they are just so cute. It was the best catching up with Lindsey and Josh too, and also getting to spend time with their new little on Olive!

We took them on the ferry because we just thought it was way cool, but of course, I failed to bring my camera. If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw those pictures. 

I looked back at my phone pictures too and I didn't get ONE picture with all of us together...what the...oh well. We loved having them here. We did our best at showing them around Seattle, but we're kind of still 'tourist' too, but thankfully Jeff works downtown so he knows more than me! 

That's about it for now...we are just enjoying the last weeks of nice weather here! Puyallap fair starts tomorrow and I can't wait!