Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lots & lots and soooo busy!

Some days I feel that we are so busy I just can't keep up! I feel lucky to have such a great little family though. So--let's update the last few months!

We took a trip to Spokane to support my niece and nephew on getting baptized! It was so awesome. My little brother and step-dad were the ones performing the baptism. I was happy to be there and support them. When we arrived back home, I came home to presents and surprises from Jeff! Always nice to come home to a spotless house and presents...the next couple days we celebrated valentines day. It was fun this year because Boston has school so they go all out! 

A friend and I threw a baby shower for another friend. She has 4 boys, and this was her first (and last) girl! It was fun celebrating baby Elizabeth and of course, it's always fun throwing a baby shower. 

I need to document the following picture--for family night we played basketball at our church...and I totally beat Jeff at horse. Not kidding! I did a couple granny-half court shots, and over the back! He just doesn't have those skills like I do...:)

We also got a fish! Well...more so adopted a fish. We re-named him Gus-Gus. The kids love him and it's fun taking care of him. I like to think I am teaching them responsibility?? 

My poor girl also had the flu--she just looked so cute in just her diaper. I was teaching her to throw up in the bowl, she kinda got it? 

Boston is taking swimming lessons. He LOVES it. He wasn't too sure about soccer, but I am happy he loves swimming lessons. He is doing so well. I'm really proud. Tomorrow is his last day and I re-signed him up. He even got to move up a level. The teacher is so great and she had nothing but nice things to say about Boston--one is that he always has a smile on his face. Totally true!

We felt pretty cool getting invited to two St. Patty's parties. We love our friends around here. 

A few weekends ago we went and played downtown Seattle. I love this city. Jeff works right on the water so we walked around there and explored the Marina. Holy expensive--some boats were millions of dollars. Even if I was SO rich, I couldn't justify those REALLY expensive yachts. 

Can you spot the space needle in the back??? 

And we CAN'T forget we celebrated Reese's SECOND birthday! I can't believe she is two! 
She was very spoiled on her special day. She brings so much joy into our home. She has a super strong personality and can be a challenge at times, but she can also be the sweetest. Her and Boston love love each other. Those two can play all day together. My fav is hide-and-go-seek. Boston hides Reese then walks away, only to turn around and find her! 
She is talking so much, and can sing some Frozen songs. My favs are peesh (please), where daddy go? Hi mom (hundred times in a row), Bye Mom (a hundred times), a show, row row (when she wants me to sing Row your boat). She says much more, but those are just a few!

It was a nicer day here (surprise!) so we took advantage and skipped naps and went to the beach. I love how close we live to the beach. It will be where I go most days in the summer. 

I have also been busy with banners. I love making them and love that people want them. Here are some of my favorites!

I took the rest of these pictures today. We play outside all the time. We have this cute pond right outside our house and we throw rocks in there. Frogs are always making noises at nights, I'm serious, they are SO loud. The kids think it's so fun. 

Our house is the tan one on the right! (I've had some family ask what it looks like.) That's all for now! :)