Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Christmas Carol

I seriously love Boston's school, it's so great. I love the teachers, the Co-op part, all the MANY fun activities they do-- I just love it all! Yesterday was Boston's last day before Christmas break and they put on a cute show. It's so funny to see him do all these things, I still can't believe I have a child that age! His hat cracked me up, too!

Clearly, she got bored. :)

Check out Boston's face in the picture below, is he serious??? He is such a little punk sometimes!

It was just so cute and I loved it. He sang "Go tell it on the Mountain." He has a pretty funny remix of it though, poor guy can never remember the words. I love him! 

I realized I haven't updated since Halloween, whoops! We made the trip over to Spokane for Thanksgiving and of course, had a blast. I love Thanksgiving and black Friday shopping with my mom, it doesn't get any better! It honestly takes me a couple days to recover! I'm so excited for Christmas this year ESPECIALLY because Jeff's parent's came home from their 23 month mission from Samoa. They got home on the 11th and I SO wish we were at the airport but we decided Christmas with them would be better. So we fly to Utah Christmas day and stay until New Years Eve. I seriously can't wait to see them and hang in Midway. Christmas is truly my favorite time of the year!!