Thursday, October 17, 2013

18 month old Reese

My sweet cheeks is 18 months old! I would say that time is flying and I feel she was born yesterday, but the truth is, is that she a difficult little time isn't really flying! I know that this age is hard because of teeth, she REALLY wants to talk but isn't quite all the way there yet, wants to be big and do everything Boston does, her cute little feet are aren't fast as her body so she trips a lot when running...poor girl. AND this girl can cry! 

I do love her so so much, and she is so fun, but she isn't easy. Boston was a breeze compared to her! I talked to her Dr. about the screaming and crying, and my Dr. just said it's probably because she can't express herself c'mon little girl, let's learn to talk!! 

Look at this girl, I mean, how could you not want to kiss those rosey cheeks??

Some fun facts about Reese...
She can say mommyyy, da da, Buh-bye, Hiiii, shoes, baby, airplane, dog, ball (everything that is round is a ball to her), nuh uh (no), uh huh (yes), Hello, ouch
Obsessed with shoes, like obsessed. 
If I put a coat on her in the morning, it HAS to stay on all day or she'll throw a fit.
Hasn't tried juice yet--she doesn't want anything but water in her sippy, fine by me!
When hungry, she runs to her highchair and screams until we put her in it.
Loves her dad so so much.
Boston and her play so well together. They are for sure two peas in a pod.
Really loves "reading" books.
Any animal is a dog to her.
She thinks her crib is a trampoline.
It cracks me up when she colors, I mean she goes all out. 
Bed time is FOR sure play time to her.
She looks so cute when she runs, I think that's the best about this age.
She will be our child that may or may not play well with others.
Loathes nursery 
Can't remember her height and weight, but I remember her percentiles...over 100 percentile in height, and 92 percentile for weight. 
and is loved by so many.

We are so grateful for this little, we love her so much. 

Boston will be 4 next month! I can't believe that!