Thursday, September 19, 2013

The cutest little preschooler around!!!

I still can't believe Boston's old enough for school! I'm a little sad about it to be honest, but I'll get over it. I totally got lucky in finding this Co-op program. I LOVE it. It really is perfect for us. They have a nursery that moms can use when we are volunteering and Reese just goes in there when I'm upstairs in Boston's class. I just volunteer once a month in the nursery. It really fits our needs perfectly right now. We went to his first day of school, and then headed to Spokane right after his class for my little sister's wedding! 

She was too cute on the car ride to Spokane. I think when she smiles like this, I see a lot of Jeff in her. He says the complete opposite.

My sister's wedding was completely gorgeous. It was such a fun week. SUPER busy. I love Zach, they are great for each other. I'll have pictures when Allie get's them from the photographer. The only complaint I have, is that I wish it was like 20 degrees cooler. It was so hot, and I had a long sleeve dress...with tights on. I was

More school pictures because he just looked too cute.

When they take pictures like this together, I think he chokes her a little bit...

I sure love these two babies so much. Life is really great right now, truly couldn't be better. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sleepless in Seattle!!

 I feel like life isn't settling down just yet! It's ok, life is suppose to be busy with two littles. After taking a trip to Ikea, we unpacked our last boxes last week sometime...took long enough! I LOVE our new home. It's perfect for what we want and it's not apartment living...which is always a plus. Anyway, I love it. So to catch up on some things...

Jeff taught Boston how to ride a bike. Boston's kind of funny, we tried at age 2 but he didn't get it then, like he couldn't understand what to do. I guess he has Jeff's genes :) Jeff was determined this time around and he finally figured it out. Thank goodness because he thinks it's great! He asks all the time to go ride his bike. He's getting more going really fast, and taking sharp corners going too fast. Ha ha it's cute tho. 
I also (on a whim) took Reese's pacifier away! I knew I was going to when we moved to Seattle, but I couldn't plan on when I was going to do it, like it was too stressful to plan a time to take it away. So, one morning I woke up and was done! Poor girl didn't know what was coming. She whined more before bed, but that's expected. She never really 'screamed' for it tho. It was an easy transition I think. It helped that I was determined to do it so the thought of giving in wasn't even on my mind. 
We had our family visit last week, too! It was so fun. We loooove Dave and Staci. They are our favs! Staci had never been here so I hope she thought it was cool. :) Madi sure wanted to move here because of all the seashells she found. They did a lot of things in the city and then stayed with us for the weekend. We went to the Zoo and a lot of beaches. 

This is Boston's room, check out that really cool bookshelf on the wall. I love Ikea for this. It's perfect for the kids to grab any book. Love it. 

Seriously, so pretty. We went to a Mariners game with Dave and Staci, this was our view from the Stadium. 

I can't even tell you how excited I am for this upcoming week!!! My little sis is getting married. I am just so excited. I guess you could call me her wedding planner, but I really do enjoy it. Here are some things for the wedding...

So this was at the Doctors office yesterday. It was an adventure to say the least. I took Boston there so get his back checked. For a year now, he's had a bump that looked like a bruise on his lower back. I thought it was time to take him and get it checked. We found out it's a cyst. Not cancerous, just a cyst. It could potentially get infected but that's about it. But while we were waiting, these two little ones decided they should spin on the doctors chair. Well, that ended with Reese falling flat on the ground with her face meeting a chair. She had a swollen face and bruise to prove it. Ug, it was fun. Anyway, it's always busy with children. 

Heading to Spokane Monday for the wedding! Yay!!