Monday, August 19, 2013

A glimpse into our new home!

We are truly thrilled to be back in Seattle! Four months ago, you would NEVER think I would say that...EVER! But this time around it's totally different. It's kind of nice that we know the area already, and we are back into our old ward. They were happy to us there yesterday. I actually was never released from my old calling, so I was put right back in! Good thing I loved it. We've already went swimming at the rec center; the kids love it. I've made a list of to-do's because I want to do all the fun things we can in Seattle. 

Jeff is really happy with his job as well. We are just really happy! BUT I will have to say, I loathe unpacking. For reals. I told Jeff I'm not moving again until we buy a home ha ha. But seriously, I'm not. We've been here a week and I have 4 more boxes to unpack but we are waiting a trip to Ikea to buy book shelves. Soooo I kinda can't move those boxes until we go to Ikea! Anyway, I took some pictures of our house this friends and family can see where we live. I forgot to take an outside picture, oh well. Next time. 

This is right when you walk in--to the right. 

to the get the idea. 

Can I just say that it was pulling teeth trying to get Jeff to put my 'surf board' (cupcake sign) up?? ha ha

Reese's room

Boston's room. 

I didn't take a picture of our room because it's not done. It's kinda cool tho--ours and Boston's room used to be one huge master, but the builder split it into two, which makes our home a 3 bedroom home... which is perfect. But our rooms are still a pretty good size. 

Anyway, now that we are settled I hope to blog more. My favorite thing is to look at our blog I can't stop now!