Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Long overdue post!

I'm not even sure where to begin! It's been forever since I last updated because so much has gone on, that I wanted to wait until things settled here we go!

Jeff really enjoyed his job as a healthcare consultant, but the company was no longer focusing on healthcare as much, so he started looking elsewhere. This was all January ish. Then March came around and it was time to decide what we wanted to do because our lease was also up in April. His company said that they would love to have Jeff stick around, but because his company was no longer focusing on healthcare, Jeff decided it would be best to find something else in his field.

We both were surprisingly ok with it. We panicked a little, yes, but not what you would think! So we decided the best thing was to pack up when our lease ended and move back to Spokane. Jeff stayed until mid-May to finish work. 

Fast forward until now, Jeff was able to interview with a lot of great companies, and we are happy to say that we are moving BACK to Seattle where Jeff will work at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in administration. The job is great for him. He starts this Monday so he is house searching while the kids and I stay in Spokane waiting! Hopefully we will reunite next week. Many people have asked me 'are you ok moving back?' and yes I am! At first I actually wasn't but after Jeff interviewed with a number companies in and outside of Seattle we felt like this job is where we needed to be. We are very grateful. 

Other than that, things have been good. Reese is a little diva-- she seriously is. You don't want to cross her! She likes only a handful of people, but I sure love that feisty girl of mine. She is 16 months old and has a mouthful of teeth. My mom taught her how to fist bump, which is super cute, but she now punches close fist in the face...umm seriously Reese??? I feel like she doesn't really understand the word 'no' but I'm working on that. One of her favorite people is Boston. He's so nice to her. Speaking of Boston, he is a crack up. He is a boy through and through. Sometimes he's the sweetest thing, and the next he's a total three year old. I couldn't be more grateful for my babies.

My little sister got engaged too! I'm way excited! They're getting married September 12th, ya do the math that's 5 weeks away. She's coming to Spokane tomorrow to plan the wedding. 

Once we get settled, I'll add lots of pictures!