Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life in far

I thought I'd give an update so far this year; we've been busy. We have been enjoying our time. 

Boston's favorite thing to do is go bowling, so that's what we do on our family date night. 

I signed Boston up for 'gym' class (that's what I have to call it according to Jeff). He loves it so much. I can tell I'm just beaming while watching him. There isn't anything better than watching your child learn and try new things. Love it! Next up is soccer! 

 And my very best friend finally got her so sweet. Bodie was born on January 10th and is so healthy and one cute little guy. I flew down a week after he was born and was there for 'help' but it was more like moral support...aka I just hung out with Lacie. He's such a loved little baby. I went for the long weekend while Jeff watched the kids. Best husband, and I came home and the house was clean! Yay! (the little things right?)

Jeff sent me the below picture and it made me kinda sad because I missed their cuteness. They look happy so that's all I cared about! Now they insist on riding in the red cart. I think I look a little white trash using it, but whatever. 

Reese is crawling, and crawling fast. She's so so cute! I love when they first crawl they look a little stiff, but now she's getting fast. Along with being mobile, she trashes the place, with the help of Boston too. They are trouble makers together. They can honestly trash the house in a matter of 10 minutes...Boston also loves that Reese can crawl, he's always asking her to come play with him. 

 More of 'gym' class. 

This picture cracks me up because Boston looks so creepy. Ha ha it's ok, Reese looks cute. They love taking baths together. Reese hogs the balls and Boston always get's too riled up and it usually ends with Reese crying because she's getting splashed too much. Whatever, it's still cute. 

And this cute girls turns ONE next month. I canNOT believe it. I can hardly believe it's almost been a whole year with this cutie. She's such a joy. Jeff and I love this little lady so very much. She is also pulling herself up to things and starting to walk along them. Ah! I still don't think she'll walk until she turns one tho. 

Other than that, life is great. I'm ready for the gray skies to be less gray, but that's about it!!