Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

I get so so bummed when the holidays are over. I love spending time with family. It was a blast this year just like years passed. Jeff had the ENTIRE week of Christmas off. That alone was the best gift for me. I loved spending all that time with him. We headed to Spokane and stayed for 9 days. It went by so so fast. I couldn't believe it when a week had already passed. Anyway! All my pictures were on my phone...totally failed like Thanksgiving. Maybe that's why I'm not blogging as much? It's kind of a pain to upload each picture from your phone. It's just so dang convenient! 

Since these pictures are from my phone, they are all out of order, but I'm sure you'll understand what we are doing!!

We went and saw a movie with my sisters...gotta love having grandma on hand for babysitting, celebrated my nieces 9th birthday at Chuck E Cheese, Boston had the time of his life, shot our new gun at my Grandma's in a couple feet of snow, celebrated our 4th Wedding anniversary (Jeff kept saying 5 years), Jeff and Pete doing endless puzzles (they would high five sometimes), enjoying Christmas Sunday at church, went the Saturday before Christmas to Costco - wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, went to my friend's beautiful wedding at the Davenport hotel, and honestly just enjoyed our time together as a family. 

Boston was so funny on Christmas. Reese didn't have a clue what was going on. I made sure we made a big deal on Christmas Eve by setting out cookies for Santa and carrots for the Reindeer. It was fun the next morning to explain to him that Santa had come with his reindeer and ate everything. I'm exciting to play this Santa role. The only thing was that Boston wanted to open EVERY present. He started throwing fits when he couldn't open all the presents. We had to have a couple time-outs on Christmas morning. Other than that, he was in heaven. I had so much fun watching him and all my family open up their gifts. That's the best part for me!!

We drove home on New Years Eve with our car stuff full of goodies. We got so spoiled this Christmas. I was so so tired and could have cared less for New Year parties, BUT I didn't want to feel like a complete loser so we went to a party. Our good friends invited us to a party and it was way fun. We did karaoke, which I was actually shocked Jeff participated in. We ate yummy food and then headed home around 10. The kids had enough, and I was so so tired. We stayed up until midnight to kiss, then went straight to bed. I was so excited to sleep in my own bed after so long. 

I seriously hate when holidays are over...but I have January to look forward to!! My best friend, Lacie, is expecting her baby any day now. I'm going to visit in a couple weeks ALONE so it helps my 'holiday blues.'