Monday, December 10, 2012

Since living in Seattle...

Seattle has been great to us; I know I've really enjoyed it. Like most who haven't lived here, I was anxious to see really how much it really rained because let's face it, you hear rumors. 

I thought it'd be kinda fun/interesting to do some things we learned since living here. I know I didn't post about Thanksgiving, but I failed and didn't take pictures on my camera, just my phone and I've already posted those. We went to Spokane for a week and had a blast. I can't wait to go back for Christmas in less than two weeks!!!

Anyway, back this post. So, Seattle. Since living in Seattle....

  • I found out that Boston doesn't need anymore eczema lotion because it's so moist here that it cleared right up!
  • My lips are soooooo chapped! Like I get a little anxious leaving the house without chap stick. I've been told it's a Seattle thing...
  • Always put the lid on the formula because if not, it clumps together.
  • When we first moved here, the carpet felt moist.
  • In the summer, we kept our ceiling fan on so it doesn't get musty.
  • ALWAYS close your trunk when it's pouring (even if you're JUST getting the stroller out) because if you don't, it'll puddle in your trunk and then it WON'T dry up! Jeff goes 'well it'll dry in the summer' Ha ha isn't summer like 6-7 months away??
  • Jeff and my feet are always cold. I guess it's because of the moisture.
  • Don't leave your house from 5pm-7pm. You'll get stuck in traffic even if it's to Walmart. No joke, took me 20 minutes to drive MAYBE 3/4 a mile. I will say this though, other than a couple times, I have had the luxury to dodge all traffic. 
  • The city is all one ways...
  • BUT the city it so cool.
  • Jeff commutes 45 minutes each way to work. He's not the biggest fan of that.
  • You can ride the ferry anytime.
  • The Ocean is SO close.
  • Our rent is outrageous...that's super fun.
  • It's not AS rainy (to me at least) as many think. It rains, yes, but it's more cloud cover. 
  • When it's sunny out, there really isn't a prettier place.
  • The summer we moved here, there was 81 STRAIGHT days of sun (it was a record). I think Seattle was happy we moved here.
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to document all the things I've learned since living here. I'm enjoying it, Jeff's enjoying his job...and the kids are happy. Nothing better!