Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Ya know, I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween...I could be the worst mom, right? So before you judge me, I don't let my negativity about Halloween rub off on the kids. I decorate my house all cute, get my kids costumes, get PLENTY of candy, etc. I guess Jeff and I don't really care about going 'all out.'

Anyway, Boston was the black spider man, I think his name is Venom. He loved it. He just looked so cute in it. Reese, on the other hand, used Boston's dinosaur costume, which might I add, Boston wore for 2 straight Halloweens. Ha ha, see? We aren't much for Halloween. 

We did the usual Ward trunk or treat, but I've never been to one so huge! It was a Stake one. It was way fun. Jeff wasn't able to make it because he didn't get off work in time. When we got home, being the cool mom that I am, I took Boston around our complex for some more trick or treating. He was so funny. Instead of letting people hand out the candy, he would go in and try to grab hand fulls. ha ha. I laughed almost every time. Love that little boy. Also, after every house he would ask me to open that candy he just received. I had a blast with him!

I love those cute babies!