Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Halloween was such a blast this year! I didn't have any babies to carry around while trick-or-treating. It was quite nice. Reese was the cutest little Cat Woman with her brother being Venom (naughty Spider-man as he calls it). They were the cutest villains around. We started trick-or-treating at 4:30 and didn't stop until 8. We went to the Millcreek town square, our ward trunk or treat, then some more around our house. It's always so fun at the end of the night to dump all the candy out and see how much you got. I loved doing that when we were little. 

Reese's smile really cracks me up. She is so cute and pretty but when she does that smile she looks a little...special. Nonetheless, I love that pirate smile. I took all this candy and separated it into some big jars around the house...I still have like 2 full ones left. Jeff and I love digging in once the kids are asleep. Halloween is such a blast when the kids are a little older to walk around!!