Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We heart Az

Seriously we're having the best time visiting our friends. The kids are hilarious together...sometimes they love each other and other times they fight like brothers. It's been so fun to see people I love!!! Oh and Boston and Tegan sleep in the same room, how cute is that??? We're going to a D-backs game tonight without kids...can you say hallelujah?? Despite the 100+ degree weather, everything is perfect! We've been here almost a week and leave Thursday. Friday we get our moving truck and Saturday we take off to Seattle. Super busy but I'm anxious/excited for our new adventure. And the whole 'leave a day after we get back from vaca' was Jeff's idea, not mine...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

the Master

I know I posted many pictures of Graduation DURING graduation on Instagram and such, but I have many more on my camera, plus they're better! I had the two kids {with the help of my mom, but she feel asleep so I was a lone wolf} so I couldn't listen too much, but Jeff said the speakers were so great and the whole graduation was a cool experience. Again, very proud and happy for him. 

That's Jeff's boss on the left, and Butch the Cougar...Boston was completely terrified of him. Butch came up to him and touched his head and Boston screamed a high pitched scream DURING the brunch...ha ha

Can you see Jeff??? He's looking at me and is the tallest one...center left.

Getting his hood put on him...

See Jane was a BIG help {Jk, she actually really was}

?? Not sure

I love that he's looking at Jeff...so cute!

And of course I got to have my picture taken by the 'WSU' sign because I worked hard too! It's def a family celebration when Jeff graduated, we all made sacrifices and worked hard at getting him through! So so so proud of him!!!

Couple other things....

this girl

{other than being super cute} is 7 weeks old!! On one hand I can't believe she's creeping up on two months, but on the other hand I can't believe it hasn't been longer!! If feels she's been with us forever! She has the cutest little face! She's a really good baby...eating ever 3-4 hours and eating LOTS. A week and half ago she was 11 pounds 3 ounces, so she's probably pushing 12 pounds. So so chubby! Wearing 3 month clothing...sleeping fabulous! She's had a couple 8 hour nights, but her average is 6-7 hours straight then 3-4 hour stretches! She's smiled at me a couple times but she makes you work HARD for them. I probably sound really dumb talking to her and trying to get a smile...oh well.

Also! This is how we've been feeling lately...

because we've been packing our faces off. We are getting close tho! We're going to Arizona (YAY!) to visit our good friends on Wednesday for a week, and the DAY after we get home we get our moving truck. AKA we have to be packed up before we take of to AZ. I'm getting really excited for our move, but it hit me yesterday how sad I actually am. This house has always been my home...so it's a little sad to me. All the cute little memories we made with Boston and the new ones we have with Reese were all here! I'll get over it but for right now I'm just a little sad!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some things...

I have a few minutes to update our lives...Boston is playing on my phone (aka moving ALL my apps around) and Reese is in her chair! I should take a shower but I'll do that after :) 

Jeff is now 27! We celebrated his birthday this passed Sunday. Last year I was teasing him that he was in his last twenties, but he drew (yes drew) a diagram showing he wasn't in his late twenties until 27, well hun, you are now in your late twenties. Funny story--for his birthday I bought him Mariners vs. Boston Red Sox tickets while he was in Chicago and printed out the receipt. Well, me being 1,000 months pregnant I forgot to hide it, and since things happened quickly with Reese's birth, it was left out on the counter so Jeff found the receipt while he was being a nice husband and cleaning the house while I was in the hospital. So he's known his present for awhile. He was super excited but I'm bummed I didn't see his reaction, oh well. 

Also, since he graduates TOMORROW and just had a birthday, I wanted to get him an Ipad for all his hard work and celebration of no more school. BUT we decided we should wait until he starts his job. Anyway, I just felt bad that he didn't have anything to open on his birthday, so I got him a new golf bag...he was SO excited and I'm so glad I saw his reaction. He went golfing the day before his birthday, and then we had a little family party on his big day. I hope he had a good birthday!

On Saturday night we went out to Wolf Lodge...only the best steakhouse ever. It's such a pretty drive out to Coeur d'Alene...and we left BOTH the kids with a babysitter...it was glorious. :) 

Jeff and Boston were being a little white trash and hitting dandelions with golf clubs while I was cooking his birthday dinner. It was pretty funny but a little white trash...:)

Reesie bell was inside helping with dinner...My friend Joelle made that cute headband--I love it so much!!

My step-mom made this ice cream cake...so pretty and so good!

Jeff graduates tomorrow with a Master's in Healthcare Administration and I'm so proud of him, really. He has worked sooo hard and I'm so excited for the next chapter of our lives. We move on May 24th and are anxious/nervous about the move, but excited at the same time. Happy birthday and graduation Jeff!!!